Worldless Wednesday

Ripping off a great idea from Music Savvy Mom (who did this MUCH better, go check it out) I’m celebrating my Irish heritage, YES I AM Irish… REEL in fact, with some of my fav St. Paddy’s day tunes. Slainte!

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4 thoughts on “Worldless Wednesday”

  1. I think my all time fav is the Irish Drinking Song… an Irish Lass myself I have grown up listening to that stuff

  2. Bejaysus and begorra! I cannot BELIEVE I forgot "Galway Girl", and TOTALLY blanked on The Mahones!

    (Musta been that damn whiskey – er… Leprechaun that stole my memory…)

    You'll be happy to hear that Liam learned part of "Whiskey is Alright in Tay" on the way to school today. You haven't lived until you've heard an almost four year old sing:
    "The French drink wine…the English, tay…" šŸ˜‰

    Beannachtaƭ na FƩile PƔdraig oraibh!

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