Spring Vacation

After 12 days of no school due to snow, you think that maybe the school board would cut now on the number of days for spring vacation*. NOPE! The kiddos will be home for nearly a week with nary a thing to do, save drive me even closer to the loony bin.

In protest I refuse to participate. I’ve decided I need my OWN break. So I’m grabbing a book {I slept with Joey Ramone}, my big floppy hat and power washing the lawn chair so I can spend the day sunning my pasty white gams out doors in the balmy 67 degree weather. Fear not though Nuggetiers I’m sure something else will tick me off and I’ll be back here tomorrow with the latest installment of “Fit Pitchin’ Friday”. Never one to pass up the opportunity to pitch it, I take request. Leave a comment telling me what you’d like me to bitch about in your honor.

*when exactly did it stop being “Easter Vacation”?

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10 thoughts on “Spring Vacation”

  1. I think the school district is ridiculous too! the kids are going to be going to school till August ><
    didn't anyone ever tell you tanning is bad for you!

  2. I'm pitching a fit over how hard it is to find a damn place to rent in my town.And while, I'm on it- for my ex-husband- WE'RE NOT MARRIED ANYMORE! You don't get to complain about whether or not I make MY bed.

    OK, feel better now.


  3. While you are sunnin' with your book…have a mint julep and crack the whip on the kids making htem pull weeds or something….lol

  4. i seriously enjoy your own writing way, very exciting.
    don't give up and keep posting considering it simply nicely to look through it.
    impatient to look into a lot more of your current content pieces, cheers 😉

  5. Dear Spring/ Easter Break-
    I hate you. My kids hate you. The only way I would not hate you is if I could actually get away for a week without said children.
    The end.

    Ahhh, thats better

  6. Remember, though, the longer they're in school, the less time you have with them in the summer.

    So it's a wash, really.

  7. You could complain on my behalf on how horrible it is to have to listen to drum practice inside my house. Inside. My. House.

  8. Ooo, catching some sun sounds so good right now on this rainy, cold day–hope that's working out for you! 🙂 Your blog looks fun–the name is hilarious!

    Thank you for stopping by the painted house today and leaving a comment. I'm kicking off a new site tomorrow hence no rss. At the new place, yes. Please come by…hopefully you'll get your hands on the william-sonoma giftcard. 🙂 I'm throwing four extra entries into the hat for bloggers who link the giveaways on their blog…for your consideration, ha! 😉

  9. I, too, took advantage of the great weather to get my pasty white gams in the sun (with sunscreen, of course) and worked on my laptop, with my baby, Nano at my feet.
    I think they changed Easter Break to Spring Break right around the time they changed Christmas Break to Winter Break… damn political correctness!

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