Meatless Monday

And by “meatless” I mean there is no “meat” in this blog post today. If you’re here seeking that daily nugget of wisdom or a revealing blog entry that holds the secrets of life within it’s rambling prose, you’ve come to just the wrong blog babe. It’s Monday and I’ve got the Monday mehs. Mehs as in..

Dishes in the sink: “Do you feel like cleaning the kitchen you’ve left a mess for three days?”

Me: “Meh”

Cats staring at me with disgust: “Wanna get off your lazy arse and feed us already woman?!”

Me: “Meh”

Work blinking in the corner of the screen: “You know the only reason your husband hasn’t held a blog/twitter intervention is because of ME, your PAID work. Are you going to get around to paying attention to me today?”

Me: “Hey listen if I wanted a judgmental freakin’ Jiminy cricket in my head I’d just get on the phone with my mother-in-law thank you very much! And MEH to you too buddy!”

So I guess I’m off to feed the cats, clean the kitchen and get to work. Either that or it’s gonna be a long day of voices from inanimate objects, bitchy cats and the wraith of my mother-in-law’s voice echoing in my skull. I may go forth unto a productive day but rest assured my Nuggetiers I hold “meh” alive in my heart.

8 thoughts on “Meatless Monday”

  1. Oh I wish I had stayed in bed with MEH today….instead I got up went shopping with the Hubster and hung clothes out on the line….BLAH BLAH BLAH

  2. I was feeling your pain yesterday. Well, it wasn't pain because that would have taken way too much energy. I knuckled down though and did manage to get some things done but not nearly enough to satisfy the to do list gods… Today is another day, maybe I'll have better luck!

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