Mr. Linky (he’s baaaack)

It’s once again YOU tell ME Tuesday. Wow, last week ya’ll really stepped up to the plate and let me have it. If I missed stopping by your blog please feel free to yell at me. That’s much less time consuming and nutzo than the Voodoo doll you’ve been working on. For you newbies, YOU tell ME Tuesday is my excuse to be lazy, not write on my own blog, sip cocktails and blog hop. All you need do is link up below with ANYTHING you’d like to. Contests, love em. Pictures of cute kiddie toes, I’m ALL for that. Stories about how annoying your MIL is, I’m WITH YA! So link up and let’s mingle.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Linky (he’s baaaack)”

  1. Hey, just used Mr. Linky. Still new at figuring out all this blog stuff, so I hope I did what you meant for me to. haha. Follow your blog on an almost daily basis!! Love your posts!

  2. I won't yell at you….I just re-visited you earlier today. Been on vacation with the kiddos. Now on with more house stuff….blech!

  3. This is great! I love being able to link up whatever I want. I had to hog up TWO spots because I had two good posts this week. Thanks!

  4. I love that you give everyone a chance to share their work here. That being said, it gives you a chance to take a mental break (which your overworked mind needs!).

  5. I found you via the article on Mom Bloggers. I'm based in NYC, but grew up in Annapolis. Would love to connect soon, love what you are doing here and I'm looking for a blogger to help with food posts.

  6. Amazing conquer! I must newbie whenever you amend your web blog, exactly how may i sign up for a web log? The actual accounts served me a useful option. I had been slightly familiarised of your nevresim ones transmitted offered glistening clear strategy

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