YOU tell ME Tuesday (the wisdom of 3 year olds)

Once again we’ve come to that day in the week in which I give up all hope of writing my own blog and turn it over to much more capable hands, yours. Before we get to pawning the blog duties off on Nuggetiers my 3 year old has some parting words. Sometimes this kid busts out with a doozie worthy of mention.

ME: Stop picking your nose.
HER: Are you gonna do it for me?

HER: Mommy I wanna be a princess for school today.
ME: Honey, it’s March. Halloween isn’t till much later. Costumes come in October.
HER: Then why does Sherri’s mommy always look like a clown?

HER (laying on the sofa watching Handy Manny): Mommy, can you move? I can’t see the TV cuz of you Boobzilla. 

Now I turn it over to you my witty wonderful weaders (okay that was a stretch). Link up anything you’d like to, with Mr. Linky below. And by anything I mean ANYTHING; contests, funny posts, tutorials on how to get your 16 year old to clean his room (PLEASE). Thanks to those of you who punked out so that I could actually get to all seven link ups last week. Let’s try to maintain that level of disinterest so I have time to hang out with the cool kids who play nice.. (snarky yes, serious notsomuch)

6 thoughts on “YOU tell ME Tuesday (the wisdom of 3 year olds)”

  1. Your daughter is hillarious! I linked up my last post of our family party…the first pic is of MY ham of a daughter! 🙂

  2. Sherry's mom always looks like a clown…snicker. Best thing I've heard all day.

    ANd I'd add to the McLinky doo dad, but I'm having a problem keeping the material on my own blog interesting… 🙂

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