Team WhyMommy a Virtual Science Fair

Geek Girls Rule! Seriously, they do. To me there is nothing cooler than big brained babes. One of my personal heroes is Dr. Susan Niebur. She’s trained as an astrophysicist, which gets my Treker* molecules all warm and fuzzy. Susan aka Why Mommy, author of Toddler Planet isn’t just a super amazing science chick she’s also an amazingly strong woman. Today Susan is in surgery fighting her on going battle with breast cancer. The Virtual Science Fair

is not just a way for us to show that we support her in her that fight but to also show her that she is SO MUCH MORE than a mom with cancer. She is an inspiration to science geeks like me who are simply in awe her and women in planetary science like her. 

To show Susan how much knowing her has enriched my life I’m having a Planet Party with my kids. We’ll be dusting off the ol’ telescope and doing some star gazing in the back yard tonight. Who knows maybe one of my lil’ Nuggets will make momma proud and event that darn molecular transporter so I don’t have to fork out hundreds of bucks to take my freakin’ luggage on vacation. SCIENCE SAVE ME!

I encourage you to join us in the fair and link up over at Stimeyland: Life, Autism, Gerbils (<– also one heck of an amazing lady). My family is all too familiar with the fight against breast cancer.  That is why I join the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, the Army of Women and organizations like them. Awareness is the first step on the road to the cure.

Susan, you are smart, strong, amazing and inspirational!

Live long and prosper

(*Treker which differs from a Trekie in that I have both a life and carnal knowledge of the opposite sex)

5 thoughts on “Team WhyMommy a Virtual Science Fair”

  1. If your kids figure out that molecular transporter I would like to use it to go on vacation..luggage or not I will stuff my big ole butt in there and gladly transport just about anywhere! But someplace warm with a swim up bar and drinks with fruit and umbrellas would be my first choice!

  2. Science is not my friend. Especially not the space type. It is scary. Anyway, how much longer do I have to wait before you announce to the world that I won that contest of yours? I'm dying to tell Dumb Dad that I'm going to NY this summer:)

  3. Very cool!! Early in my and Susan's relationship, she was over at my house and spotted some Stargate DVDs on my shelf. And from that point on, our friendship deepened. Fellow nerds, unite. 🙂

    Thanks so much for taking part in the science fair!

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