Fit Pitchin’ Friday: Eenie meenie miney moe

It seems that a minimum of three out of every five minutes I’ve spent watching everything from CNN to ESPN in the past few months have been dedicated to Tiger Woods and frankly I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Who really cares people, honestly? How many of us actually watch golf? I play every now and then when I’ve got an extra hundred smackers to burn, but aside from that, meh. Golf is Scotland’s national pass time. Well golf and drunken men tossing around hammers whilst sporting skirts*. It’s not even close to ours. And wow another sports star has been caught with his pants down.. SHOCKING! Heck at least all of the petri dish divas Tiger has “allegedly” courted were willing participants. cough, Coby, cough

Am I going to pass up the Gatorade, toss out my Nike cross trainers or move my millions out of that account over at Accenture? Not likely. Do I think Mr. Woods is a letch? Sure. Is it even remotely any of my business? NO! What I take umbrage to is not a philandering putter but to the media who continue to cover this to the point of nausea. A 7.2 earthquake in North America, worst mining death toll in decades, hungry American children, the war, Brad and Angie possibly on the skids.. NOW that is news folks. No more “Tiger needs to come clean” or “He owes the public an explanation”. As far as I’m concerned the only thing he owes is taxes and the only person he needs to come clean to is his wife.

Eenie meenie miney moe, they caught ya Tiger.. NOW LET IT GO!  

* which reminds me Stephen where is my whiskey?

8 thoughts on “Fit Pitchin’ Friday: Eenie meenie miney moe”

  1. haha I could NOT agree more!!! Same when it all happened with President Clinton, while funny seeing him squirm at first, who cares? It's their business, not ours! Let it go!

  2. You are so right!
    It is like when the Anna Nicole Smith story was all over the news. What contributions to society have these people made. Have they made your children better people, have they helped find a cure to cancer, have they offered their life in exchange for your freedom…. ummmm NO! So they do not deserve national attention.

  3. I know, I am SOOOOO SICKKKKK of hearing about that guy. And now I'm sick of hearing about Jesse James. For Gods sake national media…give it a rest.

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