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It is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  Time to announce the winners of the 2010 SEEDS OF INSPIRATION Blogher sponsorship contest by SEED Power Body Care!
Not only are the following bloggers receiving a $250 CASH sponsorship, but they are also going to be VIP guests at an exclusive, swanky NYC PAR-TAY the Friday night of the convention. 

So without further adieu….
Vlog winner:  Safire from Living in Maryland & Lolli from Better in Bulk for their joint video
(NOTE: although not originally in the plan, both ladies will be recipients of an individual sponsorship!  Yep, $250 each!)
Awarded to Andrea of LilKidThings. She has been awarded a $100 honorable mention sponsorship.  Congrats!

I want give props to ALL of you who entered via Whrrl here on my blog. I know it was really new to many of you. I personally love it, and well if I love something I never freakin’ shut up about it. It’s a gift :0)

On a side note, Team SEED … which is comprised of the super cool Bailey of Makeover Momma , Jennifer aka rap supah star “Jennie G” from Hip As I Wanna Be and your very own CNC (Chief Nugget in Charge), were totally stoked to partner with SEED Body Care to make this opportunity available to other bloggers. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Rebecca and Ben very well and we truly believe in them and their company.  Plus they are among the rare breed that “gets” bloggers and THAT my friends is reason enough for me to follow them around like a love struck tween girl follows Justin Beiber! <—- can someone explain this to me? I mean this kid makes the freakin’ Jonas Bros look appealing!

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  1. Wow! This is so awesome! Thank you so much to Seed and all the Bloggers for this contest and for your generosity! I had so much fun doing my entries and I can't wait to meet you in NY!

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