YOU tell ME Tuesday.. Waxing Nostalgic

Well Nuggetiers, having once again survived the ball of craptasticness that is Monday, we find oursleves at YOU tell ME Tuesday. You know the drill, right? Every Tuesday Mr. Linky stops by to give you all a chance to mingle and free me from my blogging “duties”. So while I sit back and relax with a morning Mimosa, you get to link up ANYTHING you want. Maybe you’re hosting a super cool contest, have a funny post to share or just need a little comment luvin’, just call on Mr. Linky and he’ll take care of ya.

For those of you who don’t have any shameless self promotion wonderful nuggets to share I give you a comment prompt. This week it’s all about, “Back in the day”.

Last night the DH and I were watching American Pickers {shockingly this show has nothing to do with farm workers} on the History Channel. Yep we’re total dorks. Whist others partake in TV’s tantalizing tete-a-tetes like Desperate House Wives, we watch shows about middle aged men taking advantage of unsuspecting junk hoarders for profit. I was shocked to find out that the DH had never seen one of these

I guess city folk (he grew up in NYC) didn’t have these soda vending/personal air conditioning units. As a kid growing up in the sticks we’d scrape together the .50 cents {obviously by the 70s inflation had taken it’s toll on the .10 cent soda} to grab us a communal bottle of pop. I preferred Orange Crush, by the way. Once the coins plunked in you could open up that little glass door, grab your bottle and stand in the cooling waves of refrigeration that wafted out of the machine. It was like a mini vacation. Every time I see one of these suckers I’m instantly transported back to the days of Sean Cassidy, ABBA and “Keep on Truckin'”.

So your comment prompt this “YOU tell ME Tuesday” is, what takes you back?

6 thoughts on “YOU tell ME Tuesday.. Waxing Nostalgic”

  1. I'm 30 years old and about to have my first child so I've been thinking about my life v. their soon-to-be-life a lot. What did I have that they won't have and vice versa?

    What takes me back? Old cassette tapes that were made for me or I made myself.

    In a recent move I found some tapes that a cousin had made for me when I was three. On it were some 1983 hits from Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Menudo, and others. You can tell that my cousin was very patient because you can hear the radio call numbers overlapping some of the music (Z 100!).

    I also found some tapes I made in Junior High and High School. As I listened, I felt the "genius" of the work. I mean, these things were seriously thought out. You had to think of a theme, think about how to mix and match beats and sounds, and hope your math is correct so that you don't run out of time on the tape.

    Nowadays we make playlists. They can be as long as want them to be. There's not too much thought put into them, because they're not as permanent as we thought the tapes were going to be.

    I miss tapes. Am I the only one?

  2. OMG yes cassettes but I'll take it further with viynl records. I remember working at my aunts clothing store and any money I made went right to the record store. I still them up until 5 years ago too LOL

  3. When I was a kid (a really long time ago), we would go spend the weekend at my grandma's. We picked veggies in their enormous garden, swept porches, feed chickens and hogs, etc. That earned us a quarter. We would take our "rich" selves down the dirt road to a little country store and get penny candy and a Nehi. Those were the days!

  4. I know I've already linked to my blog about my girls, but I created a new one recently and right now I have a project going on about dating. I have 3 ladies helping me on this project.

    As for nostalgia…I know it's recent, but I think it's sad that my kids have no idea what a real phone is, they ask what it is when they, rarely, see one. And they do not understand what a pay phone is?!

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