Fit Pitchin’ Friday: Pop a cap in ya

This one goes out to some of the things that have annoyed me this week: People who don’t use freakin’ turn signals, teenagers who text each other while they are in THE SAME ROOM, the pitch I received that addressed me as “Dear Sir”, told me how much they enjoyed reading my blog and asked me to publish a link to “all natural hair regrowth systems” (must have missed the MOMMA part, my big ol’ boobies or the great follicle migration post), my super skinny friend who called in tears to tell me she needed help because she’d gained 3 pounds and knew that I simply, “know everything about diets” (love ya babe, air kisses) and of course the IRS who has either taken your money or given you back some (none of which came from AIG)

11 thoughts on “Fit Pitchin’ Friday: Pop a cap in ya”

  1. Crap! I need to stop texting my teen from inside the same room. I mean, it's better than yelling?
    xoxo and have a great weekend! Also stop by my blog in a bit because you are TAGGED in something today!

  2. I really don't understand how these companies do all this "research" and then address an email or letter Dear Sir. What part of Jennifer makes you think MAN?

  3. Seriously! I had an email for "Natural Hair Regrowth System" too! Hubby doesn't need anything like that and if anything, I would like a hair inhibitor so that shower sessions aren't so long!

    BTW, funny video!

  4. Too hysterical. We live in THE state of non-signal users. Totally pisses me off. Hubby & I will IM each other from the other side of the house.

    Why can't we get the hair regroth system- have y'all SEEN my hubster?

    Thanks for always making me laugy – luv ya!

    Have a fab weekend.

  5. Too funny! I told my best friend this week that I wanted to move to an island and have only her family and a Whole Foods as my neighbors – that could be possible – right?


  6. I HATE non signsl users. Especially when I am waiting for you to pass me before making a turn and you go ahead and make a right turn… a signal would have been nice… I mean it is almost effortless to use… all you have to do is click it to engage it and it automatically goes off after your turn… well almost always. That's another peeve for another day.

  7. That is an annoying week, indeed. I get the 'sir' even in phone conversations from telemarketers. I know my voice isn't high, but it's not a man's voice. I doubt Demi Moore has to put up with this shit…

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