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Hello, my name is Lara, and I’m a blogger. It all started because some radio personality used the term “blog” and I had no idea what he was yapping on and on about. Being the crazed know it all wordsmith I am, I was compelled to discover the meaning of “BLOG”.  
     domain names
                        BLOG HOPS 
              writing prompts 
                                                             OH MY
What a rabbit hole I fell down there eh?

A couple of days ago an old friend asked me about starting their own blog. Before I knew it an alien force possessed my body and began speaking in foreign tongues. I began regurgitating the plethora of knowledge bestowed upon me at conferences, in networking groups and at the feet of some of blogdoms gifted oracles. “WordPress is the way to go..bookmark Keywords Tool from sure to buy all variables of your domain name..widgets are wunderbar..join prompts..two columns are great but three gives you more leeway..pick a good hosting site.”

The thunderstruck look on my pal’s face snapped me out of my trance. She said to me “Well I was just sort of thinking I’d write one as journal, so as my kids grew up they’d be able to read the story of them, in my words”. Wow.. what a novel idea and noble motivation. Don’t get me wrong here. There is not a single thing wrong with how I blog, how you blog, how Kelby Carr, Kadi Prescott <–my personal bloggy heroes blog, how companies use blogs or even with my dear friend who wants to write for her kids.

What I realized is that I’d become a Keywords TOOL! I didn’t take the time to ask my friend why she wanted to blog. I don’t stop to read as many blogs as I used too. More and more I go directly into Tool mode. In some ways I think I’ve forgotten that we all have motivations. Exploring THAT, Nuggetiers is why I started blogging.

There is infinite possibility in each and everyone of you and that my friends is truly what blogging is all about. It’s what fascinates me about the blogosphere. Whether your blog clues me in on a great new product, gets me up on that soap box next to you, cracks me the hell up, introduces me to new books, authors, art, music, business opportunities or tugs at my heart strings, you are all relevant. You each have a unique voice that you share with us all and I thank you for that.    
If I haven’t visited you lately, leave a comment and let me know. Found a great blog? Let me know. Leave links in the comments here. I plan to spend the next week or so getting back to basics and exploring. Will you be my guides? I’d love to have any of you guest post for me. If you’re interested, email me. Now go forth and BLOG!

notice I have yet to take my own advice on this one

9 thoughts on “Keywords Tool?”

  1. It's funny, I just pulled my head out to the sand and realized I wasn't blogging for the same reason as when I started… I'm trying to stay focused on words. Great post.

  2. I love that you refer to your readers as "Nuggetiers".

    This was a great post. I enjoyed reading it. Funny that some moron on the radio was your inspiration to start.

  3. I think we can all lose sight of the basics, getting all caught up in the "blogosphere" and forgetting why we do this in the first place. So I thank you for this reminder – I need to hear it once in a while too. Hope you have a great day!

  4. Great post! I'm so new to blogging that I still read and discover new ones constantly. But I lose sight of why I am doing it all the time. I need to remember that it's just because I love to tell stories. Problem with that is that I like reactions to my stories so I get too caught up in comment counts, etc. This is a good lesson to all of us.

  5. Thanks for the tips! We are still in "it's Mount Everest" climbing and learning mode! Every little "tip of the day" helps!! Thanks! ~Chris Ann (MN Mama of LFT)

  6. You are one of the first blogs I found on the internet. Don't remember why. But I've been following you since I started blogging. In enjoy your humour.

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