The NEW & IMPROVED Nuggets meets Momz Share

If you’re a parent of a child over the age of two, there is little doubt that you’ve come across the famed under-the-seat dwelling mystery nugget. It’s been sitting there so long you’re not quite sure what it resembled in it’s once and former glory. Was it cheese? Fruit once upon a time? Or perhaps Dr. Moreau was voted off the island and has abandoned the research he was then forced to conduct in the back seat of your minivan. There is just no way to determine what that darn thing once was.

So when The Nuggets started to resemble this storied seat meat, I knew it was time for a change. This has NOTHING to do with my bloggy posse slapping some serious peer-Word Press-ure on me. Luckily the DJ of the posse, Ri, the Music Savvy Mom, just also happens to be a kick ass designer with a brand new biz: Blogcognito. With her mad “Stealth Online Support for the Technologically Challenged” she went full Kill Bill on the old blog and wha lah we have lift off! Welcome to the new and MUCH improved Nuggets. We’re still doing some tweaking. And I gotta tell ya Ri is a freakin’ pillar of patience. If you need a bit of a lift or even the full Monty Ri is amazing!  She totally puts up with me and my

<—–  “Issues”

Ya know who are NOT dumb Bloggers? All the gang who graced the mats at The Little Gym for the Momz Share Silver Spring Soiree. Our Hostess with the MOSTest was the ever lovely and funny has heck Jessica McFadden of A Parent in Silver Spring (@JessicaAPISS) <–no I did NOT say something naughty there it’s her Twitter handle, so beeehave!

With AMAZING food provided by SUPER Sarah aka The Soupergirl, SAWEET Theresa of Treet (FYI had dreams about her gluten free caramel cupcakes) and the last minute heroics of the rocking gang from Done Right Catering the over 70 Baltimore/DC area bloggers in attendance were well fed!

But this wasn’t just your average bloggy girls night out. No sir! This group of gifted gals turned out to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Team Why Mommy, anchored by the Extreme Sunday Stillwell and set up to honor our friend and my personal big brained babe hero Susan Niebur of Toddler Planet.  With donations from places like:

La Papillon Spa, Peace Love Lip Gloss, Bring It To Fruition, The Round House Theater,

The Maryland Science Center, Port Discovery, The National Aquarium, Tuscan Home Decor & Design, All things Italian, Certifikid (deep breath..) aaaand

Then Again Photography, The Melting Pot of DC, Tech Savvy Mama, Be Lifestyle MedSpa, Simplify Organizing, and two beyond amazing donations from BitDefender and their BitMoms community this wonderful group

Big Bunch of Blogging Babes!

raised nearly $1, 400.oo for the Relay For Life!!!!

WOWZERS! Thanks so much to all of the ladies and especially to my creative cohort in all things Momz share, the hippest of the hip, Jennifer Gerlock of Hip as I Wannbe . Also much gratitude to Melanie Spring of Sisarina the Momz Share mentor and sponsor extraordinaire and to Lauree of Simply Leap who came in to give the gang a little inspiration to help them find their passions and follow their dreams.

Them Angels of Charlie's ain't got nothin' on these babes! (left to right) Janine of Twofer Mom, Melanie of Sisarina and Amy of Resourceful Mommy

A very special thanks to Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy who has agreed to play guinea pig hostess for the next Momz Share this fall. FYI Jill has also undergone a bloggy makeover (like she wasn’t already fabu) go check her out!

Now in the spirit of sharing I turn the NEW Nuggets over to a link up of posts written by Momz Share members. (Just click on Mister Linky and enter your 411. If the planets align the freakin’ thing will work!)

FYI if you attended the Silver Spring Soiree we would really love your feedback. To make that easier for you we’ve created THIS form. If we missed anything or if you’d like to chat about being a Momz Share host or sponsor email us at:

25 thoughts on “The NEW & IMPROVED Nuggets meets Momz Share”

    1. THANKS! I really had little to do with it aside from annoying Ri with “How come, can we, why, how do I?”. FYI I’m checking out some of the pics from Momz Share and that freaking dress looked EVEN BETTER in the pics! Bombshell you!

  1. Hey thanks for the MrLinky already, and thanks for your part in a FAB evening Saturday night. You ladies did an incredible job of making it feel like the affirming, welcoming event it was meant to be. I love this brave new world. 😉
    .-= Kirsten´s last blog ..The Bootcamp Effect =-.

  2. Sorry to miss Momzshare due to Girl Scout camping trip but sounds like you all had a BLAST!
    Had to stop by tho and say YOUR BLOG LOOKS FANTASTIC! ABSOLUTELY love it! CONGRATS on the new digs!!

    .-= marymac´s last blog ..40something =-.

    1. I am SUCH a sucky friend Mary.. I missed your bday! Let me make it up to you Tiki style this summer okay?

  3. Loving the new Casa de Nuggets you have going on here!
    I had the best time on Saturday night and I was only sad that it didn’t last longer and we didn’t get more time to chat and just chill!

    Also sad that I didn’t get to try any of your Chateau DiPaola! We will have to remedy that very soon!
    .-= Sunday´s last blog ..Awesomeness just runs in the family! =-.

  4. You worked SO HARD on this second, awesome MOMZ SHARE event. I am so proud to know you. Thank you for putting together a great night of friendship and activism for Team Why Mommy’s Relay for Life!

    And thanks for getting all of us out of the house and away from our computers in pursuit of our passions.
    .-= Jessica McFadden – A Parent in Silver Spring´s last blog ..Best Mom Blogs Ever: Momz Share Attendees Rock the Write =-.

  5. I had such a great time on Saturday night! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making it happen! And you looked gorgeous in your sexy black dress!

    PS – Love the new digs!

  6. WOW! You brought out that bright and shiny nugget in you! It’s badd-ass, woman! I know, I’ve been MIA, like that scary, dusty nugget thing you find in between the sofa cushions…So jealous too of your group of DC/maryland bloggy broads! I’m in the market for a new blog too. I will check out the Music Savvy Mom’s website!

    1. Rosie, babe I miss the heck out of ya! We made a Barbera this season that rocks the face off the Merlot. You do know that you can always hop a plane and get your tail out here to join in the bloggy broad bashes right? DO check out Ri (aka Music Savvy Mom) and Blogcognito. I KNOW you’d love her, you’re a lot alike! Cool and junk.

  7. Hi all! Thank you for including me in Momz Share! It was great meeting you and being part of this dynamic, enthusiastic and powerful group of women. Just amazing. Also love the new site — was this by @Sisarina? You go!

  8. I’m loving the new look on the blog. So, next time I see you, I’ll be expecting a nuggetini! LOL!
    .-= ScrappinMichele´s last blog ..Digital Soul Hour Celebrates National Running Day with Digital Running Tools =-.

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