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With Momz Share part deux officially in the books and most of the new Nuggets fixed up just right, I’ve finally taken some time to absorb a few things (including several glasses of wine). Lauree Ostrofsky, of Simply Leap came in to lead the Momz Share ladies in a short exercise. Thank God in heaven it wasn’t jumping jacks. Breast feeding four kids has robbed me of the ability to pointlessly jump around clapping my hands above my head, whilst making an ass of myself.  That is at least without blackening my own eyes with boobage in the process. I’ll confess here that when Jennifer suggested we incorporate Lauree’s talents as a life coach my internal snarkaliousness went into full “Pfft!” mode.  I had this vision of Chris Farley “..in a van down by the river”

I was wrong, shocking I know.

Lauree is a svelte little thing with an amazing story about how her own will helped her change her life at a point where she lay in a hospital bed with a shunt in her brain. Very un-Farley! She asked us to close our eyes and breathe. Then told us to think of one word that embodied our passion. I can’t recall the last time I asked myself what I wanted for me. Sure I’m always thinking about what I want for my kids, my husband, our families, my friends, the Nuggets, the list goes on and on. That night I wasn’t able to come up with that word. Again I was thinking about other things. Is there enough food, are the guests having a good time? Wholly crap where the heck did I leave my keys?!

In the days that followed the event I spent time playing catch up with my responsibilities. After all the world doesn’t stop because I’m exhausted. Dam thing! What I did find some time to do was read a few of the posts written by some of the Momz Share guest. I’ve always been a big believer that the universe speaks to us. Sometimes we walk around with swimmers ear but just because we aren’t listening doesn’t mean nothing is being said.

As I blog hopped a little voice inside me kept saying “What is your passion?”.. my reply “Yeah, yeah I hear ya. But I’m just too busy.” Then I read a post by Susan from Toddler Planet. The post starts;

“Do you remember the first time a book took your breath away?  The first time you disappeared between the covers of one of the Little House on the Prairie books, a Madeline L’Engle fantasy, or even Harriet the Spy, and you said YES, THIS!”

I DO! Oh do I ever. I remember feeling like I was there with Karana on the island.. with me she wasn’t alone and neither was I. This was a passion, loosing myself in words. Susan goes in the post to recount something that really spoke to me;

“…when the words come to an end, the last few pages disappear, and the notes crescendo, you are at once deeply satisfied and deeply disappointed that there is no more…”

I feel that with every book I melt into. I feel much like that with every milestone I have as a mother. But is this MY passion? I’m not sure, but the soft sparkles of realization that I was on to something were beginning to form somewhere in my scattered thoughts. Then I popped in to visit one of my bloggy heroes, the ever talented writer and seriously savvy “she”, Amy of Resourceful Mommy. Her post is much like the one I’m writing now (but this doesn’t count as being a hack since I’m stealing from several sources, right?). In her post she tells us about her encounter with Ed;

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only by night.” – Edgar Allan Poe

Amy goes on to ask if someone is sending her a sign. If they are.. um Amy, did they get my number from you? Because I think I’m getting the same message over here. Then I got a call from Jennifer telling me that she’d read an amazing post from Jenny (The Bloggess) titled: The Traveling Red Dress.  So I went to read it, well because I do everything Jennifer says, being her minion and all. NOT! I follow her advice because folks the chick is, as my 16 year old son would say, the SHIZ.

I was simply floored. It was if I were Quasimodo standing in the center of the Notre Dame bell tower at noon. The bells were ringing, echoing through my skull even. I hear ya universe! It’s my turn to really put some work into answering the questions posed by Lauree, Amy, Jennifer, Jenny and those much more quick to catch on than myself.

What is my passion? What would I do if money were not a concern? What makes me happy? What keeps me from wearing that red dress? And what do I then do with these answers?

And I’ll ask the same of you. Are you listening? What is the universe saying to you? When was the last time you thought about what YOUR passion was? Yours my Nuggetiers, not the passions or hopes you hold for others, but deep inside of you.. what do YOU want?

(once again I thank all the women who inspired this post, some listed here many more in my Google reader. I ripped you off drew from your talents because you are amazing. I give full credit to your complete and total awesomeness)

7 thoughts on “What she said!”

  1. I hear ya. And I’ve known the answer for most of my 42 years. I’ve just buried it more deeply each year under layers of ridiculous “self imposed self-sacrifice” for my family…the family who couldn’t be MORE supportive and who WANTS me to follow my dreams. I use them as an excuse, and it’s not fair to them. Even less fair to me.

    But, sometimes it’s not the lack of knowledge of the answer so much as lack of self worth to put it into action. *sigh*

    Although…each time I’m reminded may be the time I finally snap out of it. So, thanks, Mama! 😉

  2. Lara, your writing is always inspiring to me. I can’t wait to hear how you focus in on your passion – because there are a lot of us ready to support it!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! That means so much coming from a woman who’s talents, gift and wit I admire beyond words.

  3. I have finally started dreaming big (thanks to you Lara). I think sometimes we have an inkling of our passion but fear of failure, or success, keeps us from pursuing it full on. We use our family, job, time (or lack of it) to justify not “stepping off the cliff” like in The Librarian when Noah has to walk across a chasm and his faith is the thing that makes it happen.
    Reading these other comments and the posts they refer to has made me weepy (seems to be a hormonal thing lately, ugh) but, on the bright side, resolved. Thanks ladies!

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