Fit Pitchin’ Friday: New Nuggets old chicken?

As many of you migrate over from the old site I’ve noticed amongst you some newbies. Many of whom likely have no clue what “Fit Pitchin’ Friday” is.  Heck they could be picturing me going all Godzilla at Elite Models picking up “fit” stick figures and tossing them about Manhattan. And though that gives me an odd tingling sensation, it’s not an accurate depiction of the weekly ritual here at The Nuggets.

On the contrary, newbies, Fit Pitchin’ Friday is were I subject my readers to one (or often multiple) of the things that has stuck in my craw this week. This week it’s nothing new really, it’s actually old. As in.. I am getting!

Please do answer one question for me. At what point does a song or even an entire genre of music become “old school”? I mean I get it if it’s say, well Buddy Holly or something like that (and no I am NOT referring to anything Weezer has put out).

You see the other day I was flipping through the Pandora stations on my super cool new smart phone that makes me feel stupid. (I swear to you the dam thing mocks me and links up with other Droids while it’s charging at night to talk about the dumb crap I pulled that day) If you haven’t checked out Pandora, I’d say go for it except it called THE CURE “classic”. Ahem, WHAT?!!!

How could THIS ever be considered CLASSIC?!

Forget that stupid Bowl For Soup song. 1985 is NOT “Old School”!

Or at least that is what I thought. Until sending a quick, “kick ass” note to one of my very best friend’s so she could forward it to her hubby, a drummer, with my heartfelt regards. Not necessarily a moment you’d think could produce an epiphany, huh? Not until I realized that Gavin DeGraw, a spry 33, and the artist my friend’s hubby plays with was opening up for Bon Jovi. No big right? Until it dawned on me that my one time hair band heartthrob, Jon, will soon turn 50. Then Bono went and threw out his back this week causing the cancellation of a couple shows. Of course there is the whole Brett Michael’s going to hell in a hand basket thing. The final straw came when my husband asked if I wanted to watch a bootleg copy of The Runaways. Um Dakota Fanning and Christen Stewart playing Cheire Currie and Joan Jet is just inhumane!

No one should ever be slapped upside the head with their own “best if used by” date. I’ve got a fancy new home for the Nuggets but sadly that doesn’t mean I’m still a spring chicken.

2 thoughts on “Fit Pitchin’ Friday: New Nuggets old chicken?”

  1. I am CONSTANTLY aware of my age when chatting to younger bloggers. And by “younger” I mean every single solitary blogger I meet. Yea, that’s right I am painfully aware that I graduated from college the same year that a “very” young mom blogger might have been born. Eeeek. To borrow a hashtag used by our good friend @MaryMac #Imahag.
    .-= MusingsfromMe/Jill´s last blog ..Housekeeping: More Winners and Giveaways! =-.

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