Android Phone = Happiness?

When my pal, Jennifer, over at Hip As I Wanna Be got tagged by our friend Michele of Scraps of My Geek life to divulge the dirt 10 things that make her happy, she decided to spread the lurve and tag me in return. THANKS!  Really?! Jenn… like I can come up with a full post on the topic. Actually I can.

First though I pause here to pay homage to item that didn’t make the list but should have. Also to honor the BRAIN behind this post, our “geek” pal Michele and her techie chic (she rocks her iPad) .. I give you.. my… Android phone! After a tentative first few months of courtship we’ve settled into a groove and I’m diggin’ him (yes it’s a he). For the purposes of this post though I won’t mention that’s he’s already been one-upped. Okay I strayed a bit there (more on the “man” in another post) so I’ll just get down to it.. a less than comprehensive list, in no particular order, of 10 things that “do-it” for me. get your minds out of the gutter, I mean things that make me happy okay.. geesh!

Baby Feet As my two youngest kids continue to grow like weeds it’s fast hitting me that soon I’ll be out of my supply of yummy baby toes. I don’t know what it is about baby feet but I love them. Equally as mysterious is their near instantaneous transformation from irresistible to down right nasty around the age of five.

Books I just can’t live without them. They are escape, enjoyment, inspiration and all consuming for me (in the 10 minutes I get to read before I pass out at night).

Friends I’ve always been fast to make great acquaintances. Friendships are a bit harder to cultivate. So I’d have to say that in all honesty I’ve only got a handful or two of really, true friends. Those people really kick the happy factor up for me. (Mariana, Roxy, Jennifer, Carolyn, Yasuyo, Svetlana, Mary <—shout out to just a few of em)

Traveling I was lucky enough that my days in the Navy gave me three great years in Spain. Often I wonder if I’d have ever escaped my one burro town were it not for the Nav. I love to immerse myself in new cultures and adventures (we’ll take about the Moroccan nomads some day). I don’t think I’d ever be happy staying put.

The DH Okay sure it sounds cliche but, I can’t help loving that man o’ mine. In all honesty my husband is living proof that such a thing as a soul mate exists. He is smart, funny as hell, an amazing dad, the perfect traveling companion and my heart.

Laughter It’s my drug. I love to see people when they laugh. All the facade drops and you get a glimpse into a person’s soul. Laughter is the great unifier and I’m cool with being both the deliverer and the butt of a joke. Perhaps that explains the big ole booty?

Horses Like many girls, at age 9, I was a sucker for a horse. That was when my first horse, Pepsi, came into my life. She took me on cattle drives, won me ribbons in gymkhana competitions and opened up a world of new places to escape to read at. She was my first best friend. Handing down a love for caring for and becoming friends with horses, to my kids gives me great joy.

Bloggers You people are AMAZING! I started blogging in October of 2008 when I stumbled upon a word I had no clue what it meant. That word was “blog” and since then I’ve become a member of this wonderful community. From SITS to BlogHer to starting Momz Share it’s been a journey of discovery and a discovering of my on-line home.

Being a Mom Sure I fuss and complain. They drive me crazy but they are the absolute best part of every thing I am and without them I’d be nothing.

Cooking Sometimes I really wish I hated food. Hell that would make this whole loosing weight thing a moot point, right? What I get out of cooking though is so much more than an excessive amount of daily olive oil intake. For me cooking is both creative and cathartic. There is just something so soothing and empowering about creating a meal for those you love (does nuking nuggets count?)

Thanks Jenn and Michele.. I now pass the buck happily pass on the lurve to Ri of Music Savvy Mom (who also made be beyond happy with the new Nugget digs) and Tamara aka the Cheapskate Mom (who I miss something awful)

3 thoughts on “Android Phone = Happiness?”

  1. LOVE the new look of the blog!!!. and I do “like” cooking, but I do not like to clean up. that is all.
    .-= linda´s last blog ..Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker Giveaway =-.

    1. Thanks SO much for stopping by Linda! I feel like we only got 10 seconds to say “Hi” at Momz Share Silver Spring and I feel cheated!! Thanks for the compliments on the blog, though they should go entirely to Ri (aka Music Savvy Mom of Blogcognito) she did it ALL! BTW I think I had four kids because I hate the clean up too. Only problem is they never seem to get the cleaning done!~

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