The Ass Bra

Courtesy of the no-less-than brilliant “Formerly” herself, Stephanie Dolgoff, I give you the most ingenious product suggestion of all time as well as a movement many of us can well… get “behind”

I’m a FORMERLY and proud of it!  (well accept for the arm flaps and backside ba-donka-donk) Isn’t it about time we go viral with something other than cats playing piano and stupid people with Nunchucks? Formerlies unite!

6 thoughts on “The Ass Bra”

  1. I too would sport an ass bra like a mofo. Although a belly bra is more what I’m in need of. I mean, I know I can’t actually get rid of it short of having it lopped off by some dude posing as a doctor in a storage facility (obviously I can not afford a real life, credentialed, unlikely-to-mutilate-or-kill-me plastic surgeon otherwise I woulda already). But, it would be nice if it didn’t look like my soon-to-be-birthed baby has dropped and his head has engaged in the cervix. A belly bra would spread it out more evenly, keep it from giggling when I walk, and prevent people from wondering if I’m just about to give birth. I don’t care about being constricted if it means I can be a little bit closer to also being hot. I don’t wanna be a formerly. It so NOT fun.
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    1. mmm.. are you trying to view it with said super cewl iPad? Maybe it just wants to come home with me. I know I can see the video as can others. WELL heck woman you’re the geek YOU tell me what the prob is.. think maybe a browser issue?

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