Be Summer Safe

We here at the Nugget lair will soon be headed out.. over the river and through the woods (or to beach and such). I’d wager you will be too. Either that or your family compound on the vineyard is well equipped to meet your summer fun needs. In that case, expect my arrival some time in late June. If though, like me, you’re more of the tent, cabin, bring your own food to the theme park type I have a question for you. What do you think of when you hear “Be Summer Safe”?

A few weeks back I was took part in a webinar hosted by NSF International, a public health and safety company, that covered the topic of safe summer fun. Being that the one burro town I grew up in on the California/Mexico border also happens to be smack dab in the middle of the desert, I thought I was an expert already. WRONG! Here are some things I learned Cheryl Luptowski, NSF’s home safety expert:

  • Do not law frozen meats on the counter or under hot water. Plan a head and thaw them, covered on the bottom shelf  in the refrigerator or submerge them in a stream of lukewarm water (70 degrees)
  • Bacteria is often present on the skins of melons, so be sure to thoroughly was them before cutting (I had NO clue about this one)
  • Store bought mayo is okay for picnicking as opposed to homemade (which I make) which can cause food borne illness
  • Put the ice on TOP of your food in the cooler
  • The ONE hour rule reads: Do not consume perishable foods that have been sitting out for 1 hour or more on days that are 90 degrees F or hotter.
  • When traveling abroad avoid street vendors of food as many countries do not have strict inspection rules (darn!)
  • The Virgina Graeme Baker law established laws to govern public pools (learn the law before you swim)
  • Check public pools for properly installed and maintained drains

And you (me too) thought it was just about sunscreen and floppy hats! NSF has a great website where you can get more details on all types of safety issues from sun to household products. NSF is a great resource to help make your summer a safe one!

I was an invited guest at the Summer Safety webinar hosted by NSF. My posting this blog entry was not a requirement of my attending, I choose to share this information with my readers because I believe we can all benefit from it. NSF will be providing me with a copy of their presentation and a basket of summer items.

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