Fit Pitchin’ Friday: Summertime Blues

It’s been a total of three… yes… THREE.. days since the official first day of summer break here at the lair and I’m already scoping out chic armless white jackets.Coffee isn’t cutting it for me. I’ve considered spiking it but in all honesty I’m not a “Real” housewife.

What is it with these kids? I used to have to kick them out of bed with the aid of a bullhorn coax them from their angelic slumber with enticing smell of a warmed Pop-Tart hot breakfast. Now they’re up at the crack of o’dark-thirty whining at me to entertain them brimming with excitement. They seem to harbor the delusion that the house magically cleaned itself while they were at school and are thus SHOCKED that I ask them to take out the trash before noon!

Then there is the vacation planning. Also referred to as mommy’s THIRD job. How a family of six ends up with only one person capable of shoving underwear, toiletries and shorts into a suitcase is surely one of life’s most enduring mysteries. I spend hours scouring the web for hotels with free breakfast,Wifi and adjoining rooms that won’t force three of our four kids into trade schools.  I sniff out coupon codes and calculate where to find the cheapest meals. All so I can hold the spot in the line at the ginormous roller coaster while THEY hit the frozen lemonade stand before THEIR ride.

Maybe next year we take a cruise..

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