Aquafina… FIN

Sadly I’ve come to the end of my stint as an AquafinaFlavor Splash Mom. It’s been one of my FLAVorite campaigns.  It started out with a chic girls night out in my very own Charm City at the uber hip Red Maple.

There I got to hang out with some of my bloggy babes, nosh on great food and talk about how we flavor our days. Plus it inspired my next foray into flavor, mixing up Kiddie and MOMMY cocktails with FlavorSplash! Each week we tried out a new flavor. The votes have been tallied and it’s a tie for favorite between Lemon and Wild Berry with the kids all in Wild Berry’s camp and the grown-ups digging the Lemony goodness.

*on a side note I HATE to drink water so it’s a constant battle to get in my daily hydration. In ALL honesty FlavorSplash has changed that for me and guess what kids I’ve LOST WEIGHT! I’m not saying that it was all the water but I do know that water helps.

We’ve decided to round out the fun by taking a trip to the local pick-your-own orchard this weekend. Compotes and jams and pies.. OH MY! The neighborhood will gather with our bounty and have a “Flavorful” block party next weekend! Joining us from the web with flavorful fun will be Carma and the gang from Carma Sez who won the big FlavorSplash prize pack! Also a winner was Double Wide Mom who one full value FlavorSplash coupons. And for whom I have no email address!  THIS is why you should click on that orange button and subscribe to The Nuggets)

Go forth and flavor your day gang.

Didn’t win and feeling all butt hurt? Fear not you can still enter to win a big ole basket of fabu from Kraft.. HERE

Disclosure 411: I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Aquafina FlavorSplash and have received various FlavorSplash samples to facilitate my participation. Mom Central will send me a gift card at the end of the program.

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