Twilight Eclipse (of my “cool”)

Now two days removed from the midnight premier of Twilight Eclipse, I’ve been able to make a few observations ..worry not, none of them are “plot” spoilers.

  • At 38 years old it now takes me several days to recover from an all nighter
  • I can no longer consider myself a literati having now read all the Twilight books (let’s face it they aren’t exactly Tolstoy)
  • Not owning a single piece of Twi-phernalia (unlike two thirds of the 30-somethings at the theater that night) allows me to maintain just a bit of my pride if none of my “cool”
  • It’s socially acceptable for women twice the age of a teen heart-throb to scream with Beetle-mania-esque abandon at the sight of rock-hard abs (not that I didn’t appreciate them)
  • My “dork” status is pretty much solidified by the fact that I have yet to be able to see Edward as just a hottie vampire and not a handsome young wizard who lost his life to Voldemort in the Tri-Wizard Tournament
  • Staying up for nearly 22 hours straight is a small price to pay for sitting next to my my 11 year old daughter and watching her doing her best to keep from nodding off and missing even one moment of the film that she’ll one day look back on with a smile and remember what it was like to be young and crazed with idol worship (like Bella she to is torn between Edward and Jacob.. it’s so cute!)

Giving credit where it’s due I suggest you go see the much better non-plot-spoiling observations on the “mania” written by the ever talented Jennifer of Hip As I Wanna Be where I also ripped off lovingly borrowed the link which led me to the following┬á (WARNING: though it’s a cartoon it is not for the ears of the young)

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