Milton Hershey… Hello I love you!

Some months back I was lucky enough to win a “ME-TIME” weekend from the gang over at Working Mother. They teamed up with the super cool kids from Country Inns & Suites and hooked me up with airfare, hotel and some maaad money (insert evil cackle here). I was so excited I broke out the maracas and started an interpretative dance number depicting the sheer joy I was going to partake in down in South Beach sans offspring.  Alas, I was forced to settle for a Cuban sandwich and several suburban mojitos (2 parts rum to 1 part mint chewing gum). It turns out that getting a little “me-time” whilst parenting four children and trying to build a business is sort of like window shopping at Jimmy Choo’s… impossible and it may lead to a nasty mental breakdown.

Fear not though my Nuggetiers.. I did get me a different sort of “me-time”… quality time with chocolate!

The lovely lobby of the Country Inns & Suites Harrisburg, PA

I took my vouchers to the Country Inns & Suites of Harrisburg, PA. A lovely hotel with an absolutely AMAZING staff! They clued us in on a HUGE deal.

Did you know that if you that the Chocolate World attraction is FREE? Not only that but get this one… THEY GIVE YOU FREE CHOCOLATE TOO! *swoon*

Through the awesome power to the web I was able to glean another killer deal. If you’re planning on going to Hershey Park get there the day before. Purchase your tickets for the next day. At 7pm on the day you arrive you can present your tickets for the following day at the gate and they will allow you into the park for a preview (ranging from 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the time of year). Armed with our tickets for the next day and the expert guidance of Greg and his staff at Country Inns & Suites we spent what was essentially a free day at the Hershey Park complex.

Reese's for meeses

With nary a line in sight during our preview of the park the kids hit all the big rides (some several times), played carnival games and took photos with the characters. That freed us up to spend most of the next day on the “Boardwalk”, Hershey Park’s water attractionas which are outstanding (though a severe windstorm the local meterologist called a WINDnato forced us to take shelter with several hundred other guests in an old hockey rink.. ah the joys of east coast summers!).

On our last day the hotel management suggested we visit the Indian Echo Caverns which are only about 3 miles away from the park. That was simply breath taking!

Crystal clear pond hundreds of feet below the earth's surface deep inside the Indian Echo Caverns

With meals packed in our cooler we spend less than $300 (only a bit more if you have to pop for the hotel) for 7 people to enjoy pretty much two days at Hershey Park and an afternoon at the caverns!


When we got home I posted a teaser about our trip. Sunday of Adventures in Extreme Parenthood was hip to my diabolical (read lazy attempt at blogging) teaser found here. She correctly identified the old school hunk in the photo as none other than Milton Hershey… philanthropist, romantic, titan of industry and the man responsible for the longing of millions of women for.. what else but CHOCOLATE?! Sunday will be able to whip herself up sundae with the basket o’ chocolate headed her way courtesy of your very own Chief Nugget in Charge.. ME!

Now it’s your turn to get in on the SAHWEET action. Tell me where you find the best family fun deals in your neck of the woods. I’ll have my lovely assistants put all the names in a hat and do their best Vanna impersonations to pick a winner. That winner will score some chocolaty swag for them self.


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Good Luck Gang! I’ll see ya back here tomorrow so I can bitch and moan about it being my THIRTY NINTH stinking birthday.. waaaaahhhhhh

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