Disney’s Toontown.com (an EPIC Video review)

If you suffered through that you DESERVE a reward! Francis Ford-Copolla I am NOT!

Disney’s Toontown Online is a FREE to play award-winning game that also offers a paid version for less than the cost of a movie ticket. It’s designed specifically for kids and families. Jump into the game, like the Lil’ Nuggets did for nearly THREE HOURS after we shot this review, and see why we can’t get enough!

Stop back by here and leave me a comment (just not one on the shoes, clothes and toys decorating the poorly lit background. I’m allergic to house cleaning okay!). One randomly chosen comment will win all of this…

Toontown.com loot: hat, t-shirt, mousepad, play cube, notebook and MORE!

Get an extra entry for tweeting (be sure to leave a comment with the link to your tweet)… unlimited entries!

“Enter to win a Disney Toontown.com prize pack from @dipaolamomma http://bit.ly/bD3XeE #toontown”

Contest is open to US residents only, ends Friday July 23rd at midnight EST. Winner will be notified via email so be SURE I can reach you!

My thanks to Disney’s Toontown.com for providing my family with box of branded items and access to their website for review. As always any review on this sight reflects my opinions and is only undertaken if I feel my readers would enjoy it or benefit from it.

36 thoughts on “Disney’s Toontown.com (an EPIC Video review)”

  1. I love Disney beyond words. If I could choose between a honeymoon with my husband (we never had one) or a trip to Disney World with the kiddos (or heck, by myself!)… Micky Mouse and the crew would win out. Thanks for this great contest Lara!

    1. Or maybe a honeymoon.. AT.. Disney World. I think they do that. OR hey maybe we do a girls retreat there.. gosh would the kids kill us or what?!

      1. Hey! I’d better go to the p.o. box then. Or did you send it to the return address label? I’ve got three addresses that I have to “manage” now. Me oh my…

        Could you put up a few words in review on Amazon? They really are review driven and yours would be a wonderful addition. 🙂

        Thanks! I so want to see what you sent now!!
        Julia´s last blog post ..Welcome to Bingos Website!

    1. I tell ya Kate, the lil’ Nuggets LOVE IT! I’ve had to turn over the PC to them today and work from the laptop because they hounded me for more. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The Boss has only recently discovered Disney. He has practically moved into the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It’s redonk how obsessed he is! We are talking about maybe a November trip to Disney World. I’ve never been!!!

    1. Oh we are going to Disney World in November!!!!! I’m so excited! Being from Cali originally it was always Disney Land for us.. now we’re moving up in the “world”. I think I may drive poor Amy (aka Resourceful Mommy) nuts though asking for tips and advice. You’d think I was getting married.. can you be a DisneyZILLA?

  3. We love all things Disney, too. I was at Disney when I was knee high to a grasshopper. So long ago that you did not pay an admission charge to get in to Walt Disney World. Instead you purchased tickets for each ride. I remember many discussions on our first trip about how many A tickets were needed to ride a B ride.
    MusingsfromMe/Jill´s last blog post ..My Ancestors

    1. Wish I could give extra entries for the fact that your last blog post sounds like it’s suspiciously about the only “reality” so that should EVER grace my TV.. WIPEOUT!

  4. I actually help run a fan site for Toontown called Toontown Hall.

    I’ve been playing it since before my kid was!

    1. Jeff, That is TOONTASTIC! I’ll be sure to check it out. Maybe it will help to quell some of the, “NO, that is NOT how you DO IT! Stupid Head!!” arguments around the Nugget lair ;0)

  5. When we visited Disney World a few years ago, the Toon Town section was one of our favorites. I loved Minnie’s house! Thanks for the giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  6. I was wondering, did the winner ever get chosen and/or do you still have the toontown merch? I’ve been pretty sad since the game closed and this notebook and other stuff would make my year 🙂

    1. Oh, so sorry to not have been clear on that Hunter. Yes, the winner was chosen. Though I may have some murch still around. Feel free to email me at the editor contact and I’ll see if I can find it for you. Always happy to try and help out a fellow Disney fan!

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