Face Value

Most of you know that I turned 30-something last week. I never thought of myself as vain or on of “those” women. You know the ones who obsess with this stuff. Hell I can certainly think of better ways to spend that scratch and time.

The ol’ mug though decided that NOW was the perfect time for a SMACK DOWN. All of the sudden I have blotchy, bumpy… frumpy skin. What is up with that SHIZ?! I mean really. Couldn’t mom nature have been more original?  Oh how very cliche…  that she chose NOW to go to hell in the proverbial hand basket.  My plea to you, my lovely and somkin’ hawt Nuggetiers is.. WHAT DO I DO NOW?

Honestly folks I’m LOST. I don’t have an extra few grand to have my face injected with food borne illness – you DO know that the “bo” in BOTOX represents Botulism don’t ya? – Yet still I’m sort of freaked out about The DH noticing.

So my BEAUTIFUL Nuggetiers what is your secret? Come on Kvetch! Ya don’t want me looking like THIS do ya?

Oh Mikey you WERE so fine.. Hey Mikey.

4 thoughts on “Face Value”

  1. Okey-dokey… I have 11 years and 1 day on you. I have yet to find the time or product to handle the whole mother earth and father time jitterbugging across my face. I have just started using Mary Kay Timewise so I will let you know how that goes. Hardest part for me is remembering to use it before I collapse into bed at 2am. If you find a better system, you are obligated by our friendship to spill it sister!

  2. You’ll never look like Mickey! (Thank your lucky stars!)

    Sorry I don’t have any secret potion to tell you about.

    Some time during this past year the skin on my face starting getting wonky. Turns out what I thought was my cute ruddy Irish/Scottish/German skin was really rosacea. I now use a cream and take a mild antibiotic (for the flair-up bumps) and I’m good. My point is, guess we’re never too old to develop skin problems. (And here I thought those days were way behind me!)
    citymouse´s last blog post ..fancy friday something old

  3. So I cant imagine looking like THAT!! I started using cetophyll soap and my face condition improved for some reason. And I use Luberderm for face moisturizer. But don’t take my word for anything… everyone’s face is different. (I do think the cetophyll is easier and tames outbreaks and uneven skin for some reason…)

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