Come TWITTER Party with Me (and The Music Mamas)

I was lazy today.. this post is a re-post of my post over at The Music Mamas.. did I get the word “post” in there enough? None the less check it out and hey hop over to check out the “band” aka The Music Mamas and join us tonight for our TWITTER PARTY!

Check one…check two.  IS this freaking thing on?

Helllllloooo, Cleveland!  Are you ready to ROCK?

Oh, wait…Mishi, didn’t Lindsay say we were doing the Twitter gig? No, that was Melisa.  What the Belle…?  Tiffani says the gig is Monday.  Yes, yes, Ri…we all know how much you HATE Mondays. (You and the Boomtown Rats) Put on your big girl panties and deal already!

Hi everyone!  I’m Lara – the newest member of “The Band”.  I run the light show around here, and it looks like I need to give our Roadie, John, a hand with the tour duties as well!  We are The Music Mamas, and like our Mantra says:

“…we do not espouse the notion that having given birth means that we have aurally surrendered to Barney, et al. Because we don’t care what the Wheels on the Bus do. Because we can still rock…”

So in the true spirit of the Almighty Jam Session, we’ll be kicking off this lil’ web gig of ours with a par-tay!  (On Twitter, that is.)

Join us Monday, July 19th from 9:00 – 10:30 EST as we officially launch this Epic Web Tour, with Twitter as our opening act!

And, what’s a party with out sahWHEET swag and stars? (Um, really – what is it?  Cause we’d like to know…)

Our party will feature musical guests (for instance…Chris Blake, voted the Seventh Sexiest Man on Twitter. ahem.), a guest DJ shuffle from NY Times Best Selling author Allison Winn Scotch from Ask Allison,  and the swag…oh, Lordy!  The SWAG!

It’s still rolling in, but here’s a teaser of what we’ll be giving away.  Not all, mind you…just SOME.  For example:

    • GIFT CARDS! (iTunes, Amazon, Hella Sound Running Music…)
    • CDs! (Chris Blake, Clutch…)
    • GAMES! (Green Day Rock Band for X-Box…Lego Rock Band for X-Box…)
    • DVDs! (Clutch “Full Fathom 5″ and “Momz Hot Rocks”)
    • BOOKS! (From several rockin’ mom authors!)
    • CUSTOM WEB DESIGN! ($100 worth of “Spruce Up” for your Blog, Twitter or Facebook pages!)

So, put on some dancin’ duds and brush up on your music trivia!  Be sure to follow @themusicmamas , @musicsavvymom , @rockandrollmama , @thisbellerocks , @dipaolamomma , @soundcheckmama , @secretagentmama , @melisalw , @hellasound , @greeblemonkey on Twitter, and join The Music Mamas on Facebook.

The Hashtag is #musicmamas and if you RSVP over HERE you’ll be eligible for all sorts of other prizes!

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