Tyson Chicken Nuggets

We all knew it would come to this. Eventually the brilliance of my blog title was going to attract corporate attention. The Donald would whisk me away on some private jet for a session of heavy wooing in which I artfully suppress the urge to spew some posh penthouse boardroom. He’d toss more dough at me then a web company courting a Harvard drop out with his own “little” social networking site. After playing hard to get for 2.3 seconds I’d cave in and sell out accept their offer. That’s my delusion story and I’m sticking to it.

With this already scripted out I can’t say I was surprised when Tyson Chicken Nuggets contacted me.  I was, however, shell shocked when no mention of aircraft, cash or aging ecomaniacal windbags with bad comb-overs was made. Fear not though the good folks at Tyson foods did not come to the -folding card table covered in a plastic craft mat- empty handed. In exchange for my “wisdom” they are offering up 10 of the Nuggetiers FREE… well CHICKEN NUGGETS .. DUH!

What wisdom is it that they’ve come seeking from the oracle of the burbs?  They want to know how I trick get my picky eater to stuff something other than cheese doodles and refined sugar concoctions in his yap.  I, being me after all, was unable to deny them said wisdom. Hold on to your keyboards kiddos cuz I’m gonna lay some freaky religion on ya.

I FIRMLY believe in the awesome powers of … BABY FOOD!

Okay before you freak out here I’m not talking like –Jennifer Aniston Baby Food Diet– or anything.  I’ve turned to the pureed prowess of pulverized peas to get some veggie action in a kid who will literally examine his food like inspector 13!

Here is how I do it. He LOVES chicken nuggets -yes Tyson are his favorte; next to Chic-fil-A that is- and would eat them day and night if I let him. That said, child can not live on nugget alone. So I mix up all sorts of fun dipping sauces. It helps to give them stupid names as well. I don’t know what it is about the five year old male brain but Boogie Booger Sauce is some how a title worthy of salivation.

Add some baby food broccoli&carrots to room temp non-fat cream cheese and mix in Nature’s Flavors organic cheese powder and you’ve got yourself a Boogie Booger dip you can feel proud to have your kid dip Tyson’s chicken nuggets in.

Has teamed up with the Food Network’s -also known as my version of The Soaps- Robin Miller to help parents deal with the challenges of  a finicky eater (known in my house as the food ogre). Leave a comment sharing your tip on getting the picky people at your table to nosh like they’re normal. Ten random comments will be awarded a coupon for FREE chicken nuggets from Tyson. Comment often as there is no limit here. Who knows the God’s of Ramdomizer.com could smile upon you several times.

This giveaway ends Sunday August 8th at midnight EST.

Tyson Foods Inc provided me with free product as well as product for this giveaway. I regularly feed my family Tyson products with confidnece. As always my review opion is my own and only brought to my readers if I feel it is of interest or use to them.

6 thoughts on “Tyson Chicken Nuggets”

  1. My tip: Give them time, don’t force them to eat everything. My daughter was a very picky eater, and now she will eat almost anything…except beef.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  2. Offer fresh veggies with something to dip them in….like ranch dressing. Kids seem to love ranch dressing.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

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