Let me tell you a S’more-y

When was the first time you tasted the sugary awesomeness that is a S’more? I distinctly remember mine. Was it because of the confectionery fairytale of boy -chocolate- meets girl -marshmallow- going on to live happily ever after in the kingdom of Gramcrakeria? No. Could it have been the sight of a ball of flaming sugar calling out with it’s ooey gooey siren song to a Hunk of a chocolate bar? Nope. As poetic as it would be, alas none of those are my first S’mores memory. For me it was making that giant leap from groovy Hippie carob crap to real life.. nothing like it.. you better get used to it because you’ll soon be dependent.. HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE!

It was the late 70’s-early 80’s and I was imprisoned at the lamest hippest summer camp in all of Southern California. Lips Inc. was belting out “Funky Town” in the background as we all sat around the campfire drooling over Eddie the Cutie Camp Counselor. Noticing our prepubescent longing the camp director knew it was time to put the kibosh on that hormone hullabaloo, so she broke out with the antidote… S’mores. Oh sweet Lord of all that is HOLE-Y it did the trick (for 12.8 minutes). Eddie would fade into a fuzzy memory but the adoration of the S’more would would smolder on and on.

Last week Hershey and Kraft Foods send me a little package o’ memory lane as part of their sponsoring the Road Trip To BlogHer. It was my chance to make a S’mores memory for my kids. We kicked it up a notch from the campfire and created our own S’mores-gasbord!

  • Fresh Fruits (Strawberry, banana, green apple, raspberry)
  • Kraft Carmel Bits
  • Orange jam
  • Thin slices of chili peppers

The kids had a blast toasting the marshmallows with mommy’s culinary blow torch -it may be the COOLEST kitchen tool EVER! We laughed and ate so much I forgot to shoot the video for this post which was going to be a super cool vlog, UGH! I wonder though if we ask them what their favorite S’mores memory is 20 years from now, what story will they tell?

If you’re going to BlogHer in New York this week be sure to stop by the S’more Snacktivity Suite!

As part of the S’mores Road Trip to BlogHer I received a round trip ticket on Amtrak to the convention and Hershey branded items. Any views expressed in this post are my own.

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