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Okay so the Back-to-School frenzy has me wanting to hit the hooch. The thing is what I really need -and I suspect you do to- is a double shot o’ coffee! Seriously, I’m up at 5:45 am DAILY now. Gone are the days of lounging in bed unit the clock strikes noon (as if). Mommy is back on the job and therefore requires an increase in her daily allotment of java… which is NOT to say I’m digging the thought of extra fat from the creamer.. I. AM. NOT.

Enter the folks at International Delight’s and their new line of CoffeeHouse Inspirations. Did I mention they are FAT FREE?.. yup sans butt enlarging AND tasty ta boot(y).

Skinny Vanilla Latte: Experience this coffeehouse classic with a decadent infusion of sweet vanilla flavor, without the fat and 30 calories per 1 Tbsp. serving

Skinny Caramel Macchiato: Sip and savor the bold coffeehouse caramel flavor with notes of sweet cream, without the fat and 30 calories per serving 1 Tbsp. serving

I tell ya, anything with the word “Skinny” in the title is good with me.. that’s about the ONLY place I’ll EVER get “Skinny”

Come join me for a drink then.. even if it’s just coffee. International Delight’s CoffeeHouse Inspirations is offering two Nuggetiers FIVE full value (as in five whole containers) coupons to try the new product! Can I get an AMEN?!

Just leave me a comment telling me how you are dealing with Back-to-School, not a parent or only have little nugs? Just tell me how you deal with a bear of a day. This contest is ends Friday September 3rd at 10:00 pm (EST).

Extra Entries:

Tweet this contest (be sure to leave a link in the comments). Refer a friend over to the Nuggets. When they sign up for my RSS Feed have them leave a comment here telling me you sent them.. BOTH of you will get an extra entry. Entries are UNLIMITED because that is how I roll.

P.S. KEEP AN EYE OUT.. I’ll be launching “A C.N.O.W. Life” soon.. a new page all about lifestyles, reviews, giveaways and mingling.

I was provided samples of the product prior to this giveaway/review. As always I only bring my readers information I feel is of value to them and am in no way influenced to do otherwise.

11 thoughts on “Come drink with me…”

  1. Back to school is in full swing here. I hate having to put on a bra to walk my youngest to his class. My only saving grace is that when it gets cold enough I can just wear a bulky sweater or jacket. I have to say that coffee is my bloodtype and until I saw these fat free alternatives I’d never given much thought to “dressing up” my coffee.

    Also Tweeted your giveaway @CBsMom

  2. I have had the SKINNY Caramel Macchiato and there is NOTHING skinny about the taste. The rest of the world may run on Dunkin’s but you have to actually leave the house for it (yes I know you can buy it in the store but it’s not in the budget). I am either logged into one of my businesses and taking care of business or logged into the day job that pays the bills so who has time to actually travel more than 6 ft to the pot of inspiration (aka sleep substitute). Ummmm I can tell you that would not be me! End of tale of woe… these creamers are delish little rewards for the working woman (insert all of us female tyes here)

    Tweeting this!

  3. Holy canoli woman! You know how much I love these things? I single handedly increase their profit margins each quarter. NOT. EVEN. KIDDING. Yummy….

    I am afraid that the whole back to school thing has thrown me for a loop. I feel behind. The kids are whiny because they have a “bed time” and our whole family hasn’t adjusted yet. #momfail
    JenniferG´s last blog post ..BitMoms Twitter Party Friday Notebook Giveaway

  4. COFFEE is a major back to school coping skill for me! And I am totally bored with the same old same old French Vanilla… sooo count me in for a yummy chance to win!!

  5. I like the skinny in my coffee! Love the International flavors but put a stop on using them because they weren’t skinny.

    Ahhh…. school started and as much as I thought my daughter would be having a hard time it’s actually me. I generally get up at 6am and workout but my schedule has now changed because my princess has to be in school before 8am. Around 2pm I need a reboot and I was thinking of making a coffee but a plain old coffee is boring but if I had one of these flavored babies… now that may do the trick.

  6. Y’know…I had some of the Skinny Caramel Macchiato at a playdate a week or so ago and had NO idea it wasn’t my normal fully leaded flavored creamer. I was floored! (And after I got up and dusted myself off, I asked my hostess for another cup!) 😉

    Back to school hasn’t started here yet – Pre-K meet and greet with the teachers on the 8th. Liam has been asking daily if it’s time to go back to school yet, but I don’t know how he’s going to deal with five days this year instead of 3. Well, actually HE’LL be fine, but the thought of making and packing lunches five days a week isn’t all that appealing to me. So, I’m cheering myself up about that by buying an embarrassing amount of cute boy themed Bento Boxes in the hopes that I’ll con myself into looking forward to it.

    Not working so far…*sigh*.

  7. This year my oldest started high school which means I have to be up no later than 5:30 to get him up and moving so he can catch the 6:30 am bus then get my two younger girls ready and be out the door with them by 7:30. After the first week all I can say is MORE. COFFEE. PLEASE. The one cup a day I was doing in the summer is just not going to cut it anymore.

    I am just so happy to know that our choices for “Skinny” creamer are now expanding beyond French Vanilla. Slide me some of that Skinny Caramel Macchiato pl-eeease!
    Char´s last blog post ..The Magnificent Marble Run

  8. As Lara would say, I deal with the “back to school” season by drinking coffee (to which friends normally add, “want some coffee with that creamer?”) In fact, I deal with everything in my life by drinking coffee (both tragedies and successes). Much like with my relationship with buying shoes, you give me a reason… and I WILL drink coffee (preferably while buying shoes at the same time).

  9. I have a little nugget (2 yo) and omg, he can be a bear! On “those” days, I have lots of coffee and workout during his nap. If that doesn’t cut it…then it is wine time (of course when the hubby gets home from the office). 🙂
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Separation Anxiety

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