(royalty) Check Please… a Fit Pitchin’ Friday Guest Post

Being a muse really has it’s draw backs, ya know. First there is the whole drinking from that Hippocrene fountain thing -which for the record tastes like Greek toilet water- and having jackhole nymphs run around calling you a “hypocrite” for it. WHATEV! 

You’d think having a freaking GOD for a pops would get a girl a break but NO… There are always these “artsy” types mewing about needing inspiration and crap.  Um have you tried The Green Fairy? I hear “she” works cheap (gotta love them French broads).  Sure there is the whole insanity thing but really if you’re planning on making a living from painting water weeds.. okay lilies geesh… then maybe you’re not exactly painting on a stable easel, bud.

It could be worse though I guess. After all one of my sisters got saddled with the name, Urania. Okay so maybe it’s cool to be the muse of “heaven” and all but that one just invites all kinds of nickname trauma (we call her Princess Pee.. ha!).

My “issue” though is with guys like this one son of Latvian Sheep Herders. The dude’s name is Chris Blake, we met in this really hot night club in Riga.

He was all “I’m a singer song writer. Seventh sexiest guy on Twitter even”

I was all “Yeah okay, buy me a drink and you can be Bono babe”

It was a slow night so I threw the guy a bone, batted my eye lashes and laid some serious Muse-ing on him. Next thing I know I’m on Facebook and this mook has put out a killer new EP called “Girl” and not a SINGLE mention of MOI! Um hellooooo how hard is it to remember the name Terpsichore? seriously!

Turns out this guy is going to be hanging out on Twitter tonight (cliche much?) from 9:00-10:30 pm (EST) with Lara and The Music Mamas. I hear there will be one of those iPod Touch things up for grabs along with a bunch of other cool crud like Soge Shirts and Skullcandy gear. I’m thinking I might stop by and ask Chris where the hell my royalty check is!

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    1. “twisted” certainly.. “little” crap I hope not, it would make lugging around this freakishly large alien-like head rather pointless!

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