Pardon the dust

.. okay so maybe that’s the term most widely used when things are under construction (I’ll get to that in a sec) but let’s be honest here…. around these parts “Pardon the dust” is a plea for help. Like really.. PLEASE send me a housekeeper.. ican’ttakeitanymore! Or maybe “pardon” dust so it will be freed from being imprisoned in my home, so that it may wander freely about the world photographing flowers and picking up bunnies.

Seriously though kids I’m preying on more talented friends working really hard to get “A CNOW Life” up and running. It’s gonna be a BLAST! I’ve got giveaways, reviews, tips and interviews lined up from places like… well let me set the mood…

Enter Fabio brandishing a grill basket and gleaming bottle of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. He trots up next to a lovely be-aproned ME and proffers a steaming mug of Fitness Coffee to go with that amazing Coffee House stuff I’m already enjoying. We sit side-by-side enjoying the early morning sunshine.

Hey as long as he keeps his mouth shut and dusts the dam bookshelves already this could be an amazing thing!

So please excuse me while I ignore The Nuggets to bring you hot Italian guys and food!

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