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The following is a guest post from the lovely and talented Melissa of the funny and uplifting (great pun for this post eh?) blog Peanut Butter in My Hair. It’s part of my “let someone else do it” bloggy revival program. If you’ve got something to say and want to take over the Nuggets click on my contact page already!

Breast Cancer Awareness from Rosie the Riveter, We Can Do It
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She was my grandmother.

She is my Mother-in-law.

She is my best friends mother.

She is my 29 year old friend.

She is me, and she is you.

Breast cancer touches millions of lives. From the patients, to their families, to their communities. Your chance of getting some form of breast cancer these days is 1 in 8. Look around you at school drop off, in my class that’s 2 of us. Two mothers who may not see their children grow up.

With something as huge as this, it’s easy to feel lost. To feel as if there is nothing you can do that will truly make a difference. I certainly feel that way at times. I’m a busy mom of two, we don’t have the money to be overly philanthropic and my time of volunteering on cancer wards has come to end. What can I, a tired, spread to thin mom do to make a difference? What do I have to give?

I have my voice and I have me.

Today is a special day (and not just because Lara has let me take over he blog). Today is Blog for Your Breasts Day sponsored by Army of Women.

Army of Women is a non-profit organization run by a grant from the Avon Foundation for Women. They connect breast cancer researchers via the internet with people who are willing to participate in a wide variety of research studies aimed at determining the causes of breast cancer and how to prevent it. The goal of Army of Women is to recruit ONE MILLION MEN AND WOMEN of all ages (over 18) and ethnicities to help further their research.

I am part of the Army and I am using my voice to spread the word and help them reach one million. You can be one of a million. One of a million women who will pledge to help find a cure, in our lifetime. To change the future so our daughters will only know pink as the color that princesses wear, not the color of a survivors head scarf.

By signing up with Army of Women you will be added to the database to be notified about research projects which need volunteers. You will not be registered for any certain project, you’ll just receive information you can use to decide if you have the time and ability needed to help. All research done through the Army of Women is prevention based — there are no clinical trials and there is no cost to join. Some current studies are looking into sleep and stress, some are genetic based; they are even researching the possibility of diagnosing breast cancer and breast cancer risk from breast milk.

You can do more than that, you can share your voice and your stories. (Start blatant self promotion) Bigger Picture Blogs is hosting a month of shared stories. Stories on education, prevention, support, and survival. Your stories, her stories, our stories. We’re also giving away some pretty cool stuff, and you don’t even have to be a blogger to win it, you just need to be a women (or man) who wants to make a change. Who will stand up to be part of the Army and help us reach 1 million and find a cure in our lifetime (end blatant self promotion).

All kidding and promotion aside. This is a serious issue, we need to band together, raise our voice up and become 1 Million Strong. Will you join me?

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  1. Thanks for joining up with such an important cause. I posted today also. This month marks the one year anniversary of the loss of my mom to breast cancer.

    1. BIG ASS HUGS! We lost my Aunt four years ago and G-ma 17 years prior. I’ve done Avon a few times because I have no problem schlepping my big ole butt all over creation in the name of healthy boobies and strong women. Thanks for stopping by Lisa!

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