Making my break..

In the words of the fabulous Oscar Wilde….

“Modern calendars mare the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event.”

Today is no exception.. in fact it’s such an uninteresting anniversary that if it were not in fact two years to the date -give or take a month or so because who really gives a crap-  that I started putting my crazy on public display this blog I’d be utterly nonplussed. I’ve never been much of one for the birthday thing. Maybe having given actual birth four times has me a bit jaded when it comes to reliving the “magic” of the moment. After all, every time I bust out with a serious sneeze, I’m reminded of having given said birth(s) in a rather “warm” fashion thus eliminating the need for an annual marking of the actual date.

As to the birthing of blogs, I’ve read posts gushing over the “blogaversary” or “bloggy b-day”. Some even mark the momentous occasions with gifts giveaways and custom cake recipe posts. For the most part though, I just don’t get it. It’s a blog not people not a kid or worse -yes worse than a kid- one of those pets that wears clothes and gets it’s own birthday cake. To quote the king of all things annoying -Jerry Seinfeld- “What’s the deal with that?!”

Others choose to mark the passing of a year in the blog community by talking about how they never imagined where their blogs would have taken them. This I don’t grasp so well either. Last I checked mine only took me to Staples to buy a new desk chair because my ever expanding “bloggy” ass wore out another dam seat. Still others choose to wax philosophical with musings about where they want their blog to be a year from now.  That’s all well and good but news flash kiddos MOST of us (meaning me) will likely never be courted by Random House. In the same vein, those of us who’ve been around a while also know that only the same 26 bloggers ever get to go on Oprah, take a free cruise or get our own TV-for-women-with-lots-of-time-on-their-hands weekly web column*.

So what is exactly is the point of this post then? YES I do have one.

While shopping for this past weekend’s Momz Share even hosted by my friend Jill and put by my partners and pals JenniferSunday and myself, I stumbled upon something. It was a magnet. You could say I was “drawn to it” <—sorry I couldn’t pass that one up. It said “Write Your Own Story”.

That really hit me in a big way. So many people I know in the blog world are racking their brains trying to reach that brass ring. Frankly I think it’s a crap shoot folks. If you’ve read a lot of the blogs out there that are “influential” you know it has more to do with luck or savvy positioning that actual unique and compelling content. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for “branding”. In all honesty though gang I already resemble Mrs. Stay-Puffed and that’s enough branding for me.  I’m ready to get back to writing my own story.

From now on my reviews and giveaways will be over at A C.N.O.W. Life, because though I want to focus on the telling of my story I also still have a passion for all things shopping, fun, silly and let’s face it, giving crap away is fun. Every now and then there may be a cross over but that’s the beauty of blogging… I’m my own editor and chief and I do what I want. Considering this is the only place that works I’m all about that!

Now on to the part where I break from breaking with convention and bring you a few of my “greatest hits” … in my own mind at least. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back and hey leave a comment while you’re hear my therapist thinks I can avoid drugs for a year or so more if I supplement with a little validation from strangers on the interwebs.

Fit Pitchin’ Friday: Who the hell thought this stuff up and WHY can’t I get it out of my head?

Dear Boobies (an open letter)

10 Things That Scare Me (note to you budding copy editors out there.. YES I know I misspelled “losing” and couldn’t win a dam bee if you gave me the whole effing hive.. but once again I AM the EDITOR and CHIEF so suck it!)

And just because I know it annoys the shit out of The DH that the guys in the office read my blog and make fun of him when I post crap about him.. here are all three installments of  Squirrel Wars

The saga begins

The Squirrels Strike Back

Revenge of the Fallen (or the trapped and driven to a forest two miles away)

Remember gang.. the BEST story is YOURS!

*For the record Oprah and I haven’t been on speaking terms for a million pieces. Though I was IN the Navy I don’t do cruise ships, as I see it we’re far over due for the next Titanic. Lastly I only ever get to watch the same episodes of Invader Zim, ICarly and UFO Mysteries 25,001 times -on occasion the rare TiVo’ed episode of Glee- so I doubt I’d ever watch “Betrayal in The Burbs: The Transgendered Nanny Stole my Senator Husband and moved Bolivia” so I’m cool with not being in that last group too.

14 thoughts on “Making my break..”

  1. And yet FURTHER illustration of why I flove you. Screw convention, I say! Be your unique, audacious self and let the chips fall where they may!

    (If they happen to fall into some Sour Cream and Onion Dip, let me know and I’ll be right over…cause the expansion of my bloggy derriere is also unfortunate, so what the hell?) 😉

    1. You of ALL people know exactly where I’m coming from.. Dips on me babe.. wait that sounded like an indecent proposal.. ah well those are my faves anyway.

    1. Um.. yeah so like if you are “boring” and/or monotonous I’m the new Ambien babe! I LOVE your blog.. LA HOVE IT!

  2. “So many people I know in the blog world are racking their brains trying to reach that brass ring. Frankly I think it’s a crap shoot folks.” Truer words were never said.

    You just inspired me… AGAIN.

    1. Effing KIDS! Man I’d have like traffic and crap today if you could just leave them at school.. where frankly the “responsible” parent knows they belong. COME BACK SOON {seriously.. I’ll like bite my nails and have very disturbing inner dialog if you don’t} :0)

      1. You know, I picked them up and all I got was hassle. ‘Buckle My Seatbelt!’ ‘Help Me Out Of The Car’ ‘Feed Me Lunch’ blah blah blah….

        I was so worried about you in my absence, I hurried them off to bed to ensure I would be able to pop by again today. Whew. Just made it…
        Kim´s last blog post ..Rusty Kim In The City

  3. I’m there with you, sister! I’m not so much of a “corporate, higher purpose, make it better/bigger/faster/stronger” blogger as I am a “let’s get this stuff out of my head before I need duct tape to hold my brain in” type of blogger myself. 🙂

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