Maybe I’m doing this wrong

My five year old came up to me today. Wrapping his little arms around my ample, squishy waist he looked up at me and said in the sweetest voice, “I love you cold unfeeling robot arm”.

It took me a minute of crushing self doubt before I realized he was just spouting, yet ANOTHER, Invader Zim quote.

So I guess it’s a “good” thing to be a “cold unfeeling robot arm”? High praise indeed. For a minute there though I suddenly had flash backs to abnormal psych class, Harry Harlow and sad little monkeys. Yes this is how neurotic I am about being a mom. I sometimes feel like everyone else out there got the memo and instruction booklets on this parenting crap when I was hung over and still in bed. How about you?

6 thoughts on “Maybe I’m doing this wrong”

  1. I can only hope you get amnesia and forget all your classes prior to him screaming I HATE YOU. LOL. no one gets instructions, everyone messes up, all we can do is keep on loving them.

  2. Give yourself credit for knowing it was a quote from the show! I’m sure you were caught off guard, but really – this is the funniest thing I’ve read in days.
    beckie & the grub´s last blog post

  3. Awwww! I love it when kids say stuff like that. When I told my daughter her eyes were brown because she was so full of crap, she told me mine were green because I’m obviously a moss lover…..huh?

    I think your arms are quite warm and loving, btw. Did you meet Duff?!?
    Adryon´s last blog post ..Sick Kids Suck

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