Sit On It!

Bang a freakin’ gong bitches..

Fit Pitchin’ Friday is BAAAACK!

I’ll spare you the lengthy explanations about where I’ve been and what has kept me from blogging because, let’s face it kids you don’t give a crap and I don’t have the energy.. so there ya go. On to the important stuff like whining, moaning, clawing my way up to the top of the nearest soap box to give you my unsolicited opinions and skewed life observations, also know as “The Fit” .

Riddle me this Nuggetiers, at what point did The Fonz go full geriatric?

I mean I can accept that The Bionic Woman is now schlepping mattresses. Honestly who really even remembers Lindsay Wanger anyway? Besides Jamie was just feminist propaganda, we all know Steve was the Million Dollar man baby.

But Aurthur Fonzarelli, old? The Fonz gave us “ehhhh” and “whoaaah”. He snapped his fingers and it was suddenly okay to be desperate ho. Hell, all he had to do was kick a jukebox and the party was ON! What other man on the face of the planet could ever have a public restroom as an office and get away with it? I know, huh, Sen. Craig?

So imagine the HORROR I encountered when stumbling upon Fonzi hocking reverse mortgages. Seriously?! Have these people no shame? Worse, am I nearing an age that my “cultural” icons need to be tapped to sell me this shit? shudder

I ask you Mr. Winkler where is you sense of civic duty. After all we aging -slowly and with grace I might add- children of 70’s sitcom TV are owed a modicum of respect, are we not? Take a walk with me Henry as we explore the boulevard of shattered icons…

Vinnie Barbarino

now dresses up in drag … As it turns out, everyone’s favorite Lycra-sporting, crime fighting, Village People homage-paying law enforcement duo actually hated each other and still do…

And we don’t even want to talk about the therapy bills thousands of American 30 and 40 somethings are going to need after this season’s DWTS…. 

What Winkler,  did Sandler not pay you enough for Water Boy (a cinematic master piece easily in my top 10) and Little Nicky? I can understand cash flow issues.. HELLO,  I’ve got four kids!

Just promise me that I won’t wake up next week and find you hocking hemorrhoid cream by encouraging consumers to…SIT ON IT!

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