How’s about a little “Bit”?

So you knew I was a BitMom right? Okay enough with the “Bit of…” jokes, what are you people in Jr. High or something? And for the record it’s “Bit of AWESOME” to you thankyouverymuch. Seriously gang I’m really proud of my involvement with BitMoms . Why you say? Well not only is it an amazing group of ladies who focus on on-line safety for families, kids and pocket books it’s also a great resource. I’d love to see you come join us.

If the cool chick factor isn’t enough to sway ya how about the fact that BitMoms is an extension of BitDefender? Don’t know what that is, well you soon will (had to get the Bare Naked Ladies plug in there).

BitDefender is a company that makes anti-virus software. It has also changed my on-line life. No joke. I installed their  Totally Security 2011 a while back. My kiddos love to play on-line games, shocking I realize. The problem was that every now and then something would slip through the parental controls of our old anti-virus firewall and I’d spend a week with a sluggish (think Flintsones folks it was that bad) computer until I figured out a freakin’ bakery full of cookies had found it’s way into my system. Ah the joy of clearing the cookies, NOT. BitDefender is so much more than just software though they have a KILLER support system. Honestly gang I’m a total MAROON (not a typo, look it up) when it comes to the techie stuff. The folks at BitDefender get that so they have a great section with video tutorials for dummies like MOI!

So why am I telling you all of this today and furthermore why should you care? Well let me tell ya. FIRST off  10 Nuggetiers are going to win their choice between BitDefender Total Security 2011 for PC ($79.95 value) or the new BitDefender Antivirus for Mac ($39.95). Just leave me a comment to be entered to win and BOOYAH gang that is one Festivus gift down!  SECONDLY one of you, who joins me over at and leaves a comment on this post telling me you’ve  joined, will score a Lemon Sugar BitMoms spa package. Cha-ching another one drops off the list.  (Giveaway ends November 30th at 10pm EST)

THIODLY (yes it’s a word) tonight is the BIG night, BitMoms and BitDefender will be parting it down on The Twitter with Resourceful Mommy.

What does that mean? It means FUN and oh yeah KILLER prizes, like a FIVE $50 Amex gift cards and the grand daddy of swag a Netbook fully loaded with BitDefender protection for holiday shopping safety (which by the way BitDefender will be giving us great tips on protecting wallet next week on A CNOW Life just in time for Cyber Monday). Here are the deets on tonight’s festivities, I hope to see ya there!

When: Wednesday, November 17th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Where: #BitMoms hashtag on Twitter

How: Be sure to follow @BitDefender @BitMoms @TechSavvyMama and @ResourcefulMom to participate

No compensation was received for sharing this post however; BitMoms is providing me with a blog conference stipend and other materials
to help me facilitate sharing topics of internet safety and security with my readers and through the BitMom Community. Giveaway materials are being provided by BitDefender as well.

8 thoughts on “How’s about a little “Bit”?”

  1. i’ve never heard of bitmom! actually, i need to check it out because i’m writing an article for a new online publication that hired me called (in farmington hills michigan). my editor wants me to write a post about children and social media.
    this might have some good resources for me, no?!

  2. First- We love having you as a BitMom Blog Network Member!
    Second- Your review rocks! Thank you! (we did not pay a dime for this glowing report!)
    Thiodly- I totally appreciate your support not only publicizing but also participating in our Twitter party. Thank you!!!

    xoxo Your Chief BitMom

  3. Oooh this sounds like fun! I am still a twitter party virgin. For some reason they intimidate me…not sure why but I’m such a geek already, I think if anyone in real life knew I was signed in to party via twitter they would think I was a super nerd.

    I may just have to cast away my fears and dust off my pocket protector! I mean these Bit folks sound fun and hell I love a good prize!
    Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom´s last blog post ..Drabby to Fabby Friday- Put Your Best Face Forward

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