Big Foot Cometh

It’s not often that a time comes when both the kids and I can agree on what cool is. Hello Justin Bieber couldn’t do cool if you got him a gaggle of talented back-up dancers and someone who could sing, to do most of his music for him.. obviously! Likewise my kid’s just to get that Bono invented cool. So when the holidays come it’s usually a time of giving.. up of my delusions and into their wants. NOT. THIS. YEAR. There is peace in Who-ville this year. The four and five year old’s both want this…

Big Foot by Fisher Price, mommy's new alter ego

And why pray tell do I also like this toy? We’ll first off I’m a sucker for just about any toy that has it’s own Facebook App ,natch!

I know you can't see them so well here BUT you've got to see the moods they slay me!

Also because Mr. Foot comes with a myriad of moods. In fact his Facebook App starts out by saying “Big Foot’s always feeling moody… can you relate?”… why yes, YES I can! But kismet between me and the toy doesn’t stop there. See you can win the toy using the app.. yup spending endless hours on Facebook instead of doing say, laundry, can actually pay off. BONUS!

So here is how I see it. The kids get a new toy (even a shot at me not having to pay for it) and I get a new communication tool. Here is how it works:

The DH comes home from work “Hey honey I’m home!” … instead of regaling him with the daunting details of my day with teens, tweens and toddlers I can just let Big Foot do the talking with the “Frustrated” mood thus freeing me up to sip wine and unwind. The DH goes on to tell me about his day. Big Foot goes into “Bored” mode. The teen tells me that this week’s 357th wrestling practice in 5 days has been canceled, enter Big Foot in his “Ecstatic” phase. Of course I’ll never see the “Obnoxious” guise as I’m NEVER that! bah.

Seriously though Nuggetiers the toy is pretty cool. When you consider all the duds out there I have to say I’m digging this one as are the little ones. So come join me and let’s get “moody” together on Facebook, of course if YOU win I expect you to send me a picture of your Big Foot doing the “Happy” mood!

Disclosure: Darn it all to heck I did not get this toy for free! So telling you that, AS ALWAYS, opinions expressed in this post are my own (cuz who’d want them anyway) is a moot point.

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