Oh Please

Because it’s the holidays and I have yet to figure out how to trap and enslave elves like a certain someone who shall remain nameless, I don’t have much time -or sanity- to blog. So this will just be a quick rant about a few things that make me say “Oh Please!” (yes I realize that at “quick” rant from me flies in the face of all things logical)

  • Note to those people who produce corn based cat litter. You EATING the stuff does NOT induce me to want to rush out an buy it. For the record asking “actual cat owners”, especially the woman who looks like she might have cat hoarding issues, if they can smell the “actual cat urine” isn’t compelling either. Have you not noticed that the nasal ability of cat owners is impaired? (I say this as the owner of two cats who just returned from a week long vacation to notice an aroma wafting through the house)
    Please don't eat the kitty litter. Honeslty did I really have to say that?

  • Some people, my husband included, claim to enjoy egg nog. Yet not a one can tell me what portion of the egg is actually the nog
  • Sure “Decking the Halls” sounds all holiday cheer and crap but it’s work people! FOR ME!!
  • Healthy holiday eating is not only possible but fun and tasty. Yeah and I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you
  • Bluetooth headsets in public places. Need I elaborate on that one?
  • Nuddle.. the “most luxurious, comfortable, warm…” over priced Snuggie ever! For the record my bathrobe kicks butt on both of them

So do tell.. what makes YOU -roll your eyes like a teenage girl asked to put down the cell phone and pickup a broom- say “Oh.. PLEASE!”

13 thoughts on “Oh Please”

  1. Fine so you hate me. I am a bluetooth user. Sorry! In Los Angeles you have to do hands free cell phone, so for me when I’m getting out of the car and am still on the phone I don’t switch over.

    Having said that I will say that my annoying thing is that I’m starting to see ads for Valentine’s Day stuff. Can we stop preparing so early? Can we get through Christmas, New Year’s and Martin Luther King Jr. holidays before we talk about VALENTINE’S DAY?
    Candice @ Fashionably Organized´s last blog post ..Guest Post- Gifts In A Jar

    1. Awe you KNOW I love ya more than my luggage. It’s just I can’t count how many times I think one of you Bluetooth-ers is talking to me and I make an ass of myself responding! As for the marketing of America.. I say we rise up and demand that no seasonal marketing should take place more than 30 days in advance.. well except for my birthday… start shopping NOW it’s in July people!!!

  2. If you are talking about “The World’s Best Cat Litter,” it is. If you have a LitterMaid cat box. And you empty every day. Because after a few days with my cats, that stuff is RANK!

    I think I’m done with the Chia Pet. It’s time to let it go and bring some other cheap, as-seen-on-TV phenomenon to the drugstore shelves.
    Fadra´s last blog post ..All I Want For Christmas

  3. Just one of my “oh please” moments from this week….How is it that some high school teachers can give an assignment, seriously chop points if that assignment is even 30 minutes late, but haven’t bothered to grade said assignment (as of today, December 19) and the &$%# thing was due October 26th????? Seems a wee bit hypocritical, don’t ya think? Hmmmmm????
    Kimberly´s last blog post ..In the right placeat the right timewith the right people

    1. I hear ya. I’ve had a few “Oh Please” moments this year with my son’s high school teachers. That said, most of them are awesome sauce. I would be on the fast train to Crazy Town if I had to teach teens!

  4. Any time I see someone with a Bluetooth on and NOT talking I want to ask them if they think they are the effing president. If they are talking to someone, I want to rip it off their stupid ear and step step step on it til it crunches to bits under my size 9.5 boot.
    Whew. Ok. I’m calm now.

    Holiday sweater vests for sale in stores: Please, don’t encourage the Fashion-Blind to dig their own Fashion Graves.

    Commercials for ugly diamond jewelry or cars. Really?? Can ANYONE afford that this year? If they can, don’t you think they’re Tivo-ing this show and not actually wasting their precious rich-person time watching tv commercials?

    Manic shoppers. People so unhinged by The Holiday Season that they forget how to drive, maneuver shopping carts in the grocery store, or walk on a sidewalk. Its like Idiot Dust gets sprinkled on everything when they do their Black Friday Shopping & it won’t wash off til January 1st.
    Kim´s last blog post ..Oh- Brother

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