Is it not MANuary?

Why yes you diligent observers of Nugget etiquette is in fact MANuary. And to be honest at the rate I’m getting things accomplished well we might not get any guy “action” around here until FEMruary. In all seriousness turning my blog over to the boys each New Year is one of favorite ways to be lazy. It’s given rise to such gems as  Fit Pitchin’ Friday: MANuary style in which I come clean and alienate 98% of people (four of the five of them being women) that read this blog.

I have been known to fall prey to the distant beat of disgruntled -and completely right- drummers. And let us not forget my totally unbiased heavy breathing on the phone interview with author, actor, father and the muse of my mantra “I don’t know” Evan Handler.

Wonderful book by Author & Pal Deb Amlen soon to be swag here at The Nuggets

Yes MANuary is a magical time of year where the stars align and for nearly a full lunar cycle all is right with the world. Of course we all know how a “cycle” effects one’s ability to function so we’ll just blame the lack of testosterone around here on that.

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