The Snowman Cometh

Looks like somebody ticked off Old Man Winter.. AGAIN! Will you people please stop that already?! We are told to brace for five inches here. No big right? Well if I’ve learned one thing since moving here from the left coast it’s that those dam weather prognosticators are clueless oafs in a fake profession. Even my much lauded crush on CNN weather hunk Bob Van Dillen can not sway me into believing these people know any more about weather than my cat. If I let my guard down for even a minute we end up with THIS


Don’t get me wrong I like snow. Let me rephrase that… I like snow I can ski on, get off of, retire to a warm lodge from with a hot adult beverage and then drive away from. When we bought this house the Realtor told us that we could expect about an inch or TWO a year. WRONG! Dam this global warming crap. Wait.. did I get that wrong or did Al?

So here are a few of the things I’ll be doing if we get snowed in tonight:

  • Building a fire. I like to watch things burn, so what?!
  • Playing board games with the kids
  • Pulling kids off one another and screaming “Now NOBODY gets to be the car in Monopoly!”
  • Spiking my hot coco
  • Longing for La Jolla or any beach vacation
  • Complaining to nameless, faceless, strangers on the interwebs. Also known as Blogging (bonus: it’s cheaper than therapy)

So if you’re suffering in the Snowpocalypse of the South, I feel for ya.. but could you just keep it down that-a-way?

7 thoughts on “The Snowman Cometh”

  1. Yeah…we were threatened with the IceMan Cometh – ing (oh, you know what I mean) and got bupkiss. Didn’t stop me from spiking MY cocoa, though…

    And, notfornothin;, but you tell that little angel of yours that she looks FABULOUS as a snow bunny! (And that LAM misses her. 😉 )

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