No Princess Fights Alone!

Have you ever met someone who simply took your breath away with their personality, intelligence, humor and strength?  Someone that you didn’t even have to know for long to know your life -the world in fact- was made better just by sharing it with them? I have and her name is Susan. Though I think Princess Super Hero is a name that fits just as well.

Susan is in the throws of her fourth battle with cancer.  But that doesn’t define her. She is so much more,  a kick-ass smart chick (an astrophysicists to be exact) wife, mother, friend, blogger… a woman who is truly the embodiment strength and grace.  In the midst of her own fight she stands side-by-side with others who fight. Susan is taking part in a clinical trial that we all hope will rid her of the cancer in her, and that will hopefully one day provide a cure for others as well. She has called upon some of her amazing friends as well -bloggers- whom I am ever in awe of* Sue, Leticia, Jesscia and MORE to spread the word to those in need. A partnership made in the hearts of women and spread throughout social media and beyond, with Cricket’s Answers and LympheDivas to help provide compression garments for Breast cancer survivors.

So many of us have been touched by this bully called cancer.. I say we all band together and kick it’s ass! Here at The Nuggets we will do our part with relays and pledges, loud outbursts and quiet support and by spreading the word by posting the button you see over to the right, “No Princess Fights Alone!”.. grab it for your blog, tweet it.. talk about it, get the word out. United we can make a difference.

To Susan I say, though I have not known you long, I have complete faith in your strength and know that we will have years to build upon.

(seriously I must annoy them with my groupie-like fawning over them every time we take a trip or attend and event together. I was never good at hiding the fact that I’m just a Dork. )

5 thoughts on “No Princess Fights Alone!”

    1. Nah.. “awesome” is reserved for people who really do things. Unless doing the “Dougie” (badly I might add) counts as something I defer to your awesome factor 🙂

  1. Thank you for your inspiring post. I have a friend who has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and she’s fighting like a champ. She’s a single mother (like me) with boys (like me) and is an inspiration to me.

    Thank you for sharing about Susan. I’ll keep her healing in my heart…let’s kick this cancer’s ass.

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