From the mouths of lil’ Nuggets

Scene: Car, mother and four year old daughter -lil’ Nugget-, driving near a farm. Cows in field.


Lil Nugget: “Mommy look cows”

Mother: “Yep”

Lil Nugget: “Do you remember when we went to the farm, that one day?”

Mother: “Sure do. Do you remember what we got to do there?”

Lil Nugget: “Uh huh, we got to milk the cow’s doodle”

Scene: Mother spits coffee on the steering wheel. Sputters and swerves.


Mother: “No honey it wasn’t a “doodle”. It was girl cow. Those were her breasts.”

Lil Nugget: “No it looked like a doodle. Your breasts don’t look like that. You forgot. Remember it’s this doodle and you pull on it and milk comes out.”

Mother: “Trust me honey it the cow’s breast. In fact they call the teats.”

Lil Nugget: “They are NOT teeths. Oh forget it I’m asking daddy he knows more about these things.”


9 thoughts on “From the mouths of lil’ Nuggets”

  1. It would be so much easier if God had put those damn cow teats up near Mama Cow’s chest, dontcha think?

    And, I had to clean coffee off the keyboard…I sputtered and choked at “we got to milk the cow’s doodle”….
    Kimberly´s last blog post ..Trixie and Grace

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