Movie Night

It’s Saturday night. MOVIE NIGHT! At an average of $10 bucks a pop for the kidlets.. and meager -over priced- offerings in the the grown-up genre.. it is not likely you’ll find us taking up an entire row at the theater very often. I’ve got four kids. I’d like to put at least one -maybe one and a half- of them through college. The thing is we all dig the movies. And that theater experience is a big part of our enjoyment. For the little ones that means popcorn, snacks and big comfy chair. For mom and dad, more often than not, it’s the lure of at least a few minutes of quiet! (I refuse to ponder what it means to the teen… don’t need that kind of information thank-you-very-much) So we often bring the movies to us here at Cinema DiPaola

There is a rub though. No matter how great the movie is (I polled the kids for this one, they picked Toy Story 3 and Shrek in a much debated tie for best film) a movie night at home is just not the same with out a huge box of theater candy, the lights turned out (much to the cat’s dismay) and a bucket of pop-ed corn <–the four year old refuses to say “popcorn”.

Candy.. that’s a cinch. Lights.. hello lower electric bill I’m all over it! But that popcorn bucket is hard to come by. Enter the genius of Orville Redenbacher! The curators of corn.. purveyors of pop, Colonels of kernels have out done themselves this time by bringing the bucket to the corn.. corn to the microwave and the theater to our family room with the PopUp Bowl.

Lucky us, we got to try it BEFORE it launches into stores, starting with Walmart locations on February 2oth.  I’ve gotta say, it was pretty cool. You can see the popcorn pop inside the bag via a see-through “window”. The kids stood there and shut up in awe were mesmerized by it. When the buttery goodness is ready, in a mere 2 to 3 minutes, you simply remove said “window” (which is actually the top ob the bowl) and WHA LA you’ve got theater quality popcorn in a bowl I. Don’t. Have. To. Clean. BONUS!

The "magic" bowl that every mom wants for movie night!

Stay tuned for more EPIC movie night fun soon to come! (I love cliffhangers)

I was provided product to sample and compensated by Collective Bias.  That said, this post represents my opinions on and experiences with the product featured.

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