You lookin’ at me?!

I love New York city.

I. Love. It. Travel is sort of my thing (I’d rather be anywhere other than at the kitchen sink. If you could see my sink..oi!). I lived in Spain for several years, spent a wonderful summer in a Tuscan villa, worked an 18 hour layover into a pub crawl in Temple Bar. Even with all those stamps in my passport I’d still rather be in an Empire State of Mind. Why? Is it the epiphany that is the macaroni au gratin, with bacon at Balthazar? Perhaps the nearly religious experience of whiling away hours at the MOMA? Could it be the way my hubby -a native- morphs into “Good Fella” whenever we are there? Sure it could be all of those things. But mostly it’s the friendly natives…

Friendly local on Ave of the Americas and 50th. We named him "Vinny"

7 thoughts on “You lookin’ at me?!”

    1. Stacey, I’ve been to NYC more times than you can shake a stick at a rat and this was the first time I was “welcomed” by one. I didn’t see any at BlogHer.. well not of the rodent variety anyway. Though Resourceful Mom, Teach Mama and I ran into one of the cab driving genus.. ha ha

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