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How many people do you talk to on the phone daily? No seriously, not counting your mother, do you talk to anyone on the phone anymore that isn’t trying to sell you something? For quite some time my husband has thought I was suffering from some sort of phone phobia, a Phophobic if you will.

You see it wasn’t long ago that he’d walk through the door in the evening and be greeted by the dulcet tones of my yapping about this or that with one of my girls. He’d have to plot a course around a handset to get in his customary “peck”. With a small smirk on his face, he’d roll his eyes and mouth “Hi Jen” or the name of the friend du jour.  The first place we’d check when we got home, was always the answering machine. The phone was a part of the family.

And then one day it wasn’t. I think the man has begun to suspect I’m on the lamb or something.

Now when the house phone rings, it startles me and sends me into a spiral of emotional unease.  “Who the hell is calling?” … “If it was really important they’d have texted me.”…. “Ugh it has to be your mother”

Then the New York Times runs an article titled, “Don’t Call Me, I Won’t Call You” they complete me


It turns out it’s not just me. I’m not phobic. In fact it seems I’m simply well mannered. How about you? What’s your relationship to your phone? Do you schedule calls? Does the sound of a ringing phone make check your closets for some whack-job in a Halloween mask? Or are you and Ma Bell still going strong?

4 thoughts on “Call Me?”

    As moms of teenagers, I think you and I are spoiled by the texting- I know I am.
    Fellow phone hater,

  2. I never payed attention to this before but after reading this post I realize that my phone does not ring as much as it used to – nor do I make as many calls as I used to. But my data usage and my text messages have increased. Guess I am also one of those people that talks less now.

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