Mother’s Day Redux

I love my family. Seriously I do. In fact I can’t think of anything I love more. That said, let’s talk Mother’s Day.

Somewhere out there I’m sure there are mothers who sleep in on Mother’s Day morning, waking to the heavenly aroma of fresh coffee and warm chocolate croissants. These same women likely go on to enjoy a day of foot massages and diamond jewelery. I envision them sort of like the women on TV or in movies. They gave birth to three month old sized infants in one push without smearing their makeup or tousling their lovely locks. bitches

They are obviously not me.

This is a recap of my Mother’s Day:

  • Awoken at 6 A.M. by two toddlers and a cat in bed between me and my husband who is snoring on high volume. (everyone else sleeps until 9)
  • Mocked by the empty water vessel on my Keurig
  • Mysterious crumbs coating the SOFA (perhaps of the chocolate croissant varietal)
  • Clean aforementioned crumbs
  • Out for brunch.. love the joint we go to.. had better they weren’t taking reservations on Mother’s Day so we had to wait and hour and a half
  • Return home… cat has tipped over his water dish in protest to not being brought home leftover crepes and mimosa
  • Gifting. I love the handmade stuff it means so much. I’ve amassed a collection in my 17 years as a mom, that is enviable.  This year they out did themselves. Then there was this, wrapped in lovely Disney Princess wrapping paper….
Nothing says "Thanks Mom" like feminine hygiene products

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Redux”

  1. Wow what a gift. Next thing you know you will get an ovens mit and an apron. Geez. Sorry you didn’t get to sleep in either.

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