Greatest Hits?

Hey if every aging rocker who is tapped out on creativity and/or unable to get the “hiss” of their portable oxygen tank to shut off so they can record something new (hello Mr. Richards) can cop out with a “Greatest Hits” album why can’t I? After all -like every mom- I’m over worked, unpaid, under appreciated and well.. maybe it’s just be… but I’m LAZY! Through a scientific process of data compilation, numbers crunching and polling (aka tossing darts) here are the questionably “Greatest Hits” of the last three years;

OH PLEASE! My take on annoying things.

Thanks and SPANX It’s always good to give thanks and have Spanx!

Sound the Drums Part of the annual MANuary series and penned by the BRILLIANT Rodney Howard, I could read this one every day and still say “HELLS YEAH!”

An Open Letter: In three parts To all the girls out there who’ve fallen for the pink.

Uncle For everyone who’s ever had a REALLY bad day.

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