Mothers of Intention

Sometimes a review request comes across my desk and I’m so excited about it I can’t type an acceptance reply fast enough.* So when Joanne Bamberger , the Pundit Mom herself (not her “people”) contacted me about a review for her book, Mothers of Intention I was ALL. OVER. IT.

I’ve long told you that, I have an opinion and I’m not afraid to use it. Confession time though, I never really considered The Nuggets a forum for my political views. Truth be told I sort of bought that whole cliche about the discussion of religion or politics being a the road to alienation. Yep when it comes to blogging those topics I’m a wimp. Combine that with a driving desire to be loved and adored by nameless, faceless strangers on the interwebs and you have my warped justification for my lack of bloggy activism. Or so I thought.

One -of the many– brilliant things Joanne points out in the book is that even if we don’t consider ourselves “political” per-say, every time we post about a cause or Pitch a Fit about social issues or the myriad of injustices in the world we are, in fact, being Political Women <—gasp!

Here is the rub, at what point did I allow my opinions on politics, justice and social issues become something to “gasp” about? Reading this book was an epiphany for me. In the introduction Joanne talks about how she went from being a versed and exciting purveyor of cocktail party smalltalk to someone who was indulged rather than engaged in the conversation. What changed that? Was she disbarred from the practice of law? No. Was her high powered job in PR at a federal agency phased out? No. The epic event that caused her to go from interesting to inane… MOTHERHOOD! <—seriously?!!

The book is a compilation of bipartisan PROOF that women who have become mothers are still just as if not more relevant, passionate and informed as they were prior to changing diapers. It’s a well thought out and eloquent statement on the fact that a woman, and mothers, are a force to be reckoned with.  That being the captain of the football team in college is NOT a better measure of leadership ability then running a family.

Built of essays from women who span the political spectrum, and insights from Pundit Mom, the book goes on to detail the power and validity of women in the political arena through their savvy use of social media. The “machine” may be slow to catch on but a mom has eyes in the back of her head so that she always knows what’s going on!

A brillant, fist pumping, "hell yeah!".. great read.

Blog or no blog. Left or right. Conservative or liberal. Tweet or update. No matter where you come from politically, ideologically or in social media this book is for very mom who ever had an opinion. I sat awake until the wee hours the day I got my copy, flipping through the pages and stifling the desire to yell “HELL YEAH!” every other page.

As the subtitle goes “Having an opinion never goes out of style”.

*Note to the Chocolate Spa at Hershey, send me a request and I’ll burn up the keyboard, just-so-you-know.

4 thoughts on “Mothers of Intention”

  1. What a great review!! I can’t wait to read it. So proud of PunditMom and all my bloggy buds who are featured. Thanks L!

    Joanne – I will totally be your “people” 🙂

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