Be Careful What You Ask For

When you’re 9 months, 2 days and 19 hours pregnant you ask -no beg- for that kid to “Get here already would ya?!”. You’re swollen like an eating addicted tick and can’t sleep no matter who you bribe.  Where you would once glide across a room with grace and mystery you now waddle with gas and misery. You’re almost ready to petition the courts for an eviction notice for this dam child.

Then they arrive, all scrunched up and wrinkly with those soulful eyes and tiny fingers you want to kiss 24/7. They are a little wonder and you love them.. yet some how you feel alone, empty… literally and emotionally. You wanted them out, now they are here and you miss them being there.

You. Got. What. You. Asked. For.

As they toddle and drool their way into you heart you long for the day you hear “Momma”. By the time they hit 4 (or 14) you want them to just “Stop with the momma already will ya? Just go play! Give me a MOMENT of peace already!!!”

You. Got What. You . Asked. For.

Now they walk, talk, whine and complain so much some days that all you want is for them to grow up, move out, get a life and only come back when they TRULY appreciate EVERYTHING you’ve done for them. Little ingrates!

Well this time I’m not asking. See I’ve learned asking for things just gets you into a world of hurt. As I’m faced with my oldest leaving High School this year and going onto college all I can think is.. GOD NO DON’T GO!!! Stay here with me, I promise to let you whine, complain, drool if you want.. just don’t leave me again.

I know it’s silly. After all this is what all the work has been for right? We raise them so that they can -we hope- go on to be happy, healthy, strong and honest adults. So that they can contribute to society and make a place for themselves. Well I say, screw society and you don’t get your own space until you can keep the one I gave you clean!!!

One thought on “Be Careful What You Ask For”

  1. I so could have written this myself. My middle child (Austin) just graduated high school and although he is going to college locally I still feel like he is “leaving” — which is what they’re supposed to do naturally, I know.

    I look forward to grandchildren that I can smooch up and smother! LOL

    p.s. I found this on Etsy by chance; thought of you immediately:
    joy´s last blog post sorry but this is not art

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