On The Road: The NEW Reality

If I didn’t think that “reality” TV was a sure sign of the decline of western civilization I’d totally pitch my own show: On The Road with The Nuggets

Oh don’t think I’m getting all supah stah! on you. The only thing I’d have to do with this show DNA and previous womb rental. It would be all about the crazy stuff that my kids spew from the back seat.

Episode One: Culinary Cabaret

Lil Nugget #3: I’m hungry.. why can’t we stop at one of these places with food?!
CNC (Chief Nugget in Charge): Just where do you want to eat?

Lil Nugget #3: Out House Steak House.
CNC: You mean OUTBACK Steak House.

Lil Nugget #3: NO! Outback is the back yard where YOU cook the steaks.. OUT HOUSE is where they cook it outside our house.

Episode 2: Song Smack Down

Lil Nuggets 2 & 3 serenading (I use the term for artistic emphasis not for any factual resemblance) Lil Nugget 4 to the tune of Maroon 5’s Misery:

“I am in Misery… cuz I got a little sister named Emily” <— on continuous loop for the entire 45 mile drive.

Of course this is followed by a chorus of .. “MAAAAAA they’re teasing me!” I love their musical creativity and sibling cooperation but seriously people ENOUGH!

I’m sure I can come up with a million more episodes this summer on our trip to Cape Cod. In the interm though I give you the actual Maroon 5 song because -though the video is highly inappropriate for kids- I also have an “inappropriate” attraction to the sexy-ugly of Adam Levine

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