Waxing Nostalgic

I’m not going to harp on the fact that I turn 40 in about two weeks. I think I’ve forced you to suffer through enough rounds of that pity party. That said, over the weekend my 17 year old asked me the following;

“Mom how did you even have a social life in the 70’s via carrier pigeon?”

If the dam kid didn’t tower over me and wasn’t faster than a cat caught in the middle of a street fair in Tai town, I could have smacked him. The little shit got me thinking though, how much of what was so cool to me as a kid, will my kids never even know existed?

The Kodak Instamatic camera I hocked 500 greeting cards in our 1 tumbleweed town to buy from the add I answered in the back of the comic my little brothers read

Remember these things? Where did they go? WHY do I get stuck with the bill for everything now?

Then there were the ever cool.. and totally inappropriate

I believe that the nasty taste of these things is single handedly responsible for my NOT SMOKING! Heck if the candy tasted that bad the real thing must have tasted like ASS!

They will never hear the etherial notes of Air Supply as it flows -crackling and spitting- through the headphones of the only Walkman on the block! Mood rings are meaningless trinkets collecting dust on the counters of Quickie Marts not oracles of wisdom to be consulted with aplomb. Never will the know the joyful -45 minute- anticipation of waiting for that glistening tin covered tray brimming with “chuck steak” and “real meat gravy” (meat of what animal we may never -or want- to know) to emerge from the oven on a Sunday night when The Wonderful World of Disney graces TV screens throughout the country.

I’ll never be begged to install them their own phone line or leave them off at the roller rink for “teen scene”. These poor, poor children will never fully understand the romantic tale of Packman and his Mrs. Dialing into a radio station continuously has been replaced by the cold “walls” and random “likes” of Facebook. Who needs a party line when you can tweet. What’s a pen pal? I doubt they have even written a proper letter on stationary to anyone but their grandparents.

So yes my child I did have a social life. Mind you it might not have been with random strangers on the web or plagued politicians with a penchant for tweeting their disrobed “junk” but it was good and filled with wonder, worth remembering, rich and something I treasure IN MY OLD AGE!

2 thoughts on “Waxing Nostalgic”

  1. I love the Tapioca Candy Cigarettes, and I actually have an unopened case of them at home. I’ve never been a smoker though because of it!

    I liked the Bubblegum cigarettes better, they had one good puff of smoke (talc probably).

  2. Sounds good i want try this candy cigarettes,i been smoking when i am with my friends every week ends so maybe we try this candy cigarettes.thanks!!
    MaritesĀ“s last blog post ..My Beach Weekend

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