Not So Candid Camera

Confession time.. I have issues with the word “No”. Now don’t go thinking that means you can call me up and ask me to do your laundry because that isn’t so much a “No” issue as a “HELLS NO!”. That said my relative in ability to say “No” has landed me in some odd situations. For the sake of being PG-13 though I’ll save most of those stories for outside of the web. In particular this lack of verbal fortitude as led to me agreeing to co-host a web TV show. Let that sink in a bit.. Co-Host. Web. TV. As in I’ll be on TV on the web co-hosting -with far more talented and younger women- a show that then can be recorded to live for all eternity in the web-o-sphere. What have I done?!

I’ve joined the hostesses with the mostestes at Mingle Media Mamas TV

Bailey Clark of Makeover Momma (our ringleader and the evil genius behind MMMTV)

The always -or at least sometimes- Hip, Jennifer Gerlock of Hip As I Wannabe

The single best Vlogger (video blogger) out there.. the lovely Linda of Baby To Be TV

The crafty and cute as a button, Kristi of Creative Kristi

And then there is Moi, me.. your CNIC (Chief Nugget in Charge).. of well.. HERE!

My issues with “No” not withstanding I’m truly honored to be amongst these cool babes. Their show topics range from fitness to health, beauty to inspiration, creativity to balance. MY show topic will be more like “Let’s see how much wine I can imbibe live on the interwebs before I start to speak in tongues”. Seriously though folks there will be a little bit more meat -nuggets of it if you will- in my show. I’ll talk about wine pairings… as I drink wine. Share some recipies from Ile De France cheese… as I drink wine. Introduce you to Lalicious Spa products… say it with me… as I drink wine.

Watch me drink wine for sheer entertainment value or for 1 of 10 Chances To Win Giveaways, from my show and the other hosts.

Each host of MMMTV will be giving away a different beauty, fashion or healthy living product on their blog. You can enter all 5 giveaways by commenting on our post this week (so keep an eye out). But guess what? We’re also giving away a second set of everything during our live shows, so every time you watch a MMMTV show this month: you get another chance to win! 10 giveaways overall, 10 chances to win, and 5 fabulous hosts.

If you want to enter ALL of the giveaways on ALL of our websites, just click the ladies names above, keep an eye out and comment when their posts go live.

I’ll be giving away the following:

  • 2 Lalicious Sugar Reef Souffle Scrub ($34) and Body Oil ($24)- skin softening shower products. This stuff is so amazing it’s got it’s own cult like following. I like cults their so fun to mess with. Well unless they have guns or funky KoolAid.

So join me TOMORROW night from from 8-9 P.M. EST for Mingle Media Mommas TV on Nuggetinis (or wine.. maybe both)

2 thoughts on “Not So Candid Camera”

  1. You will be AMAZING as always, I know we will have fun watching you, finish a couple of bottles of wine lol. You Rock.

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